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Ilocos Norte: Juan and Antonio Luna Museum

Located in Barangay Garreta in the town of Badoc in Ilocos Norte, Juan and Antonio Luna Museum is the two-storey ancestral home of the Luna clan which presently serves as a museum for the Luna brothers.

Built sometime in the early 19th century, the ancestral house of the Lunas is a typical bahay na tisa which was common particularly to the middle and upper class society during the Spanish colonial period. Sadly, the original structure was damaged by fire in 1861. The house was then ceded to the government in 1954. The Department of Public Works and Highways and the National Historical Institute completed its restoration in 1977. The house then became a museum for the Luna brothers. The museum got some technological upgrades last 2016 with the installation of touch screen TVs and the face projector which projects Antonio Luna's speaking head. 

To date, the museum has six galleries. These galleries are:

Pasay City: Star City

Located less than five kilometers from Km 0 in Manila, Star City is an amusement park in the heart of a bustling city of Pasay.
The amusement park opened to public in 1991. It began as a seasonal carnival which opens during the Christmas season. Throughout time the seasonal carnival evolved and became a "permanent resident" of the city that caters to kids and kids at heart. Today, Star City is open daily. Take note of the following schedules listed below.
Mondays to Thursdays – opens at 4PM
Opens: Fridays to Sundays – opens at 2PM
Closes: Depends on number of people still in, but usually 9-10PM

Home to dozens of fun attractions and rides, Star City boasts its Giant Wheel Ferris Wheel. The Giant Wheel Ferris wheel is said to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines. It has air-conditioned gondolas and each gondola is capable of carrying up to six people.

If you're planning to visit and enjoy all the rides in Star City, I highly suggest that you avoid weekends and holiday…

Ilocos Norte: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Located in the coast of the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is a picturesque rock formation that has become a top tourist destination of the province.

The name Kapurpurawan is from the Ilokano word "puraw" which means white. This obviously came from the coloration of the limestone that were exposed to Bangui bay's strong waves and winds. 

I almost had a chance to visit it last 2011 when it was just starting to gain popularity but missed it due to time constraints. It was just last 2017 that I finally got to see it with my own eyes. However, unlike then where visitors can go up the rock formations, it is now already sealed off as there were signs of damages and degradation brought by the multitudes of visitors climbing and even vandalizing this beautiful rock formation.

Regardless, visitors can still view this amazing natural masterpiece from the viewing deck several meters away. There is also another area several meters away from the rock formati…

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