Camiguin: Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery

Located in a cove near Cantaan in the town of Guinsiliban in the Camiguin province, Kabila White Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Unlike most white sand beaches in the country, Kabila White Beach is not over crowded or flocked by tourists. In fact it is quite hidden and is surely very peaceful and quiet.
Kabila white beach
The locals conserves the beach and its surroundings, that's why visitors are requested to pay an entrance fee of P25.
Great view!
Enjoy the shade of this tree!
C'mon bring out the food! Picnic time!
Checking out the remnants of an old stone house near the beach
posing under a giant tree
If you're planning to take a dip or snorkel. you could rent a snorkeling set for about P50, floaters on the other hand is worth P20. I highly suggest this activity. The sight of the giant clams in their natural habitat is a remarkable sight.

If you're not in the mood to get wet, there is what I call as "Giant Clam Educational Tour" that you'll enjoy for sure. Just around the vicinity are water tanks/ round pools containing several giant clams that the locals are breeding. This Giant Clam Nursery is just a mere extension of the vast Giant Clam farm found in the area.
Giant clam
Giant clams in one of the tanks
Check out those clam shells.
"please do not disturb the clams" - like don't shout or stuff like that?
A collection of giant clams and corals.
What I like about the "Giant Clam Educational Tour", aside from seeing the giant clams up close without getting wet, is the vivid explanations of the young local girls who knows a lot about these beautiful creatures. When you listen to one of them speak, it seems like you're watching Discovery Channel or Nat Geo Adventures. They are really fluent in English and would even entertain any questions about the giant clams.

You should never miss the chance of visiting Kabila White Beach and the Giant Clam Nursery in case you happen to venture in Camiguin. You would surely love it.

Getting there:

Book a flight to Cagayan De Oro City. From there board a taxi heading to the pier. Buy tickets for Camiguin. From there board a minivan that will take you to your desired destination.

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  1. Can you go beach camping here?

    1. Yes you could but there are resorts that you could stay into. =)


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