Laguna: Bato Springs

Located on the outskirts of San Pablo City in the province of Laguna, Bato Springs is the perfect getaway near Manila on a hot summer day. 

Prior to my visit, I have only seen the sign of this spring every time we head to southern Luzon. I have never thought of googling it or asking about it because it always slips my mind. (promise) If not for my cousin's birthday, I would have missed the chance of visiting it FOREVER. (Ok that's overacting on my part.) 
Join the herd...
...or swim in small groups.
Bato Springs is an unpopularly popular tourist destination. How's that you might ask. 
Make sure you bring your friends or family members
The more the merrier
Thanks to the locals we managed to reach the resort after several minutes of being lost.
The water's cold you'd enjoy it on a hot summer day!
Swim through different tiers of springs...
...or rest in one of the rental kubos...
...or simply enjoy the outdoors...
Speaking of locals, Bato Springs is so popular that once you reach the springs you'd be shocked to see that there are hundreds of them in the water. (Much like a scene in a water hole in Safari.)
WE love the pool
The source of the pool's water
What I like most about Bato Springs is its cold waters. (Not suitable for drinking though.) Aside from that, I also like the ambiance of the place. Despite the number of people and the springs being renovated for safety purposes. (Short of saying it's man made-ish) Bato Springs still never failed to bring out my love for nature. So let me invite you and your friends to enjoy the cold spring waters of Bato Springs.
Bonding time!

Rates: (may change anytime)

Entrance fee:
Weekdays: P75
Weekends/ Holidays: P80  
Overnight: P125 
Cottage: P300 up depending on pax
Family Room: P2500

Getting There:

If you're bringing your own car, it would very much be a challenge locating the place if it's your first time. So here are some tips that might help you on your journey:
Look for that sign!
  1. Don't go in the town proper of San Pablo City. Use the diversion road instead. It will save you a lot of time and gas. 
  2. After passing through the diversion road, drive straight a few more kilometers and look for Meralco building at the driver side. (If you're coming from Manila) It serves as the nearest landmark. 
  3. Once you spot the building, slow down and look for the Bato Springs sign also located on the driver side.
  4. Once you see the sign, turn left and follow the road for another several kilometers until you see the second Bato Springs sign. 
  5. Follow the road being directed by the second sign until you reach the springs.
If you're commuting, ask the conductor if they know Bato Springs in San Pablo City.

If they do, then you're in luck. They will drop you off at the first Bato Springs sign. From there ride a tricycle which will take you to the second sign. You could also ride a jeepney heading to Dolores, Quezon. You may choose to ride another tricycle to bring you to the springs or just simply walk the rest of the way. 

If they don't, then ask the conductor to drop you off at San Pablo City town proper. From there ride a jeepney heading to Dolores, Quezon. Board down at the second sign. From there you may choose to ride a tricycle to the springs or walk the rest of the way.

Bus from Cubao to San Pablo: P120-150
Jeep to Bato Springs: P40-50

Overall rating


  1. Hi, paano po kayo nagpareserve para dun sa mga rooms? gusto rin po kasi sana naming pumunta nang overnight :D

    1. Hi there. Try calling their number (049) 562-0976.
      Hope that helps!

  2. pano po papunta ng bato spring kung galling ka ng cubao?

    1. Hi there, sakay ka ng bus going to Lucena gaya ng Jac Liner. Sabihin mo ibaba ka sa papuntang Dolores. From there, may mga jeep of trike na papuntang Bato Springs.

  3. papano po mag punta pag galing po ng calamba?

    1. You should ride a bus going to Lucena. Tapos sabihan mo yung conductor na ibaba ka sa papuntang Dolores Quezon. May signage dun na malaki going to Bato Spring you won't miss it.

  4. Hi! If i will be riding a trcycle, how much would it cost me? Thaaanks. 😄

    1. Hello! It would cost you 150 pesos for a special trip.

  5. Hi pho..if ever pho n mg overnight mgknu pho ung rooms

    1. Hi there
      The cheapest is around P1000
      Kung gusto mo na medyo opulent P5000

  6. Hi..pwd po b n in the whole day lng magknu pho ung cottages at entrance fee..

    1. Please check the update in the article. Thanks

  7. hi Sir ,, ok lang ba walk in ? me makuha kaya kami rooms if mg overnight ?
    thanks :)

    1. Good day! Try niyo paring tawagan (049) 562-0976.
      Baka kasi sobrang daming tao ngayong summer wala kayong matuluyan.

  8. Hi , Good Evening po ask ko lang po sana kung 75 parin po yung Entrance fee niyo? saka ano po yung cottages na Good for 3 person po. Salamat

    1. Hello po! So far po last year ganyan parin presyo nila. Kung tataas man di naman po siguro lalagpas ng P100. Kung day tour lang po kayo I suggest yung P300 worth cottage lang po kunin niyo like ung nasa larawan sa blog ko. =)

  9. Sir ask lang po. Ang daan po ba papunta sa bato springs rough road or zigzag? Thanks

    1. Hi there! If you're coming in from Manila, then the answer is no. =) Makalagpas lang to sa San Pablo.

  10. Hi po.
    Ask ko lang po kung may paunang bayad na kapag ngpa reserve ng room? Salamat po

    1. Hi Quendy!
      May 50% deposit po kung magpapareserve ng room.

  11. Ask ko rin po kung saan po ang malapit na sakayan mula po sa imus? Salamat po

    1. From Imus?
      Hmmm. Ang alam kong pinakamalapit eh sa Starmall Alabang. Unless may mga van or buses na diyan na papuntang Lucena pero I doubt meron.

      Punta ka sa The District, sakay kayo ng papuntang Alabang.

      If wala multicab to SM Molino then transfer the van or multicab to Starmall Alabang.

  12. Gud eve. Ask ko lang po may room po ba na good for 2 person only? How much for overnight sir? Thanks.

  13. Sir, gud eve , ask ko lang may room po ba good for 2person ? How much sir? For overnight.? Thanks

  14. Replies
    1. Hi Mary. There are cottages na good for two. Nasa P1200 ang isa but that was the rate a few years back. =) Hope you could update me as well kapag nakapunta kayo sa Bato Springs in case may pagbabago sa pricing. Thanks

  15. bukas ba sila ds season 24/7

  16. bukas ba sila ds season 24/7

    1. Hello uyot. Yes bukas sila this season. 24/7 I'm not sure.


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