Japan Diaries: Day 2

Day 2 December 20, 2014:
It's raining hard today and I'm losing hope that we would go anywhere with this weather. I was hoping that it would only be snow flakes that's falling from the skies and not rain drops and mushy ice.

Lucky for me,  Mr. Toshi drove me around Eiraku Dam. There is a walking course around this place and this is where he usually take long walks with his wife. However, since it was still raining, I was not able to go out of the car. I will just memorize the way going to the dam and revisit it when the weather is more pleasurable. 

Raining and snowing... Really?
Mr. Toshi and I talked about golf on our way back home. He wanted us to try his favorite sport /recreational activity so we dropped by at his residence to get his golf clubs and also invite my wife to come along and try it out too.
Let's play golf!
Let's check the playing field shall we.
I got tutored by the master...
Ella too...
but not my wife because she is a pro.
After getting the golf bags, we headed to New Airport Green Club to practice our skills in hitting a golf ball. Mr. Toshi also taught us the correct posture and other basic details on how to play the sport... Dozens of golf balls later, my wife and I decided that we had enough (muscle cramps!!!).  My baby daughter did a few tries too.
Someone enjoyed her first illumination night.
All along, we thought that we were going back home but we were up for another surprise. We headed to Rengakan in Kumatori to attend the Rengakan Illumination. It was the first time that we experienced such kind of event. The Japanese in some way treat illumination events like how we do in fiestas in the Philippines. We had fun listening to musical numbers done by students and of course trying out Japanese food bought in the food trucks parked in the venue. 
Ai Chan Restaurant
The owner and cook making us some okonomiyaki
We ended our day 2 tour by eating dinner (again) at Ai Chan Restaurant.  It is where we tried out the local yakisoba and okonomiyaki. When we got home, Mr. Toshi's other daughter Akiko, and her family was already there waiting to meet us. Mr. Toshi informed us that we would be joining Akiko's family tomorrow in a trip to Suita City which is also in Osaka Prefecture. Way to start our 3rd day plan. 


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