(Mt.) Ameyama Mountaineering Adventure

Located in Kumatori-town in Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Mt. Ameyama or simply Ameyama (雨山is a mountain refered to by locals as the Rain Mountain.

Mt. Ameyama stands 312 meters tall. From the clearing at the peak, you could see Osaka Bay and Kansai International Airport. Aside from that, you could also see a panoramic view of the Izumi mountains and towns near the mountain. The mountain offers more than just the beautiful scenery. It is also historically and culturally significant to the Japanese people especially to those living near the mountain.

The map of the mountain
Trees lined up neatly along the path to the peak

Several milestones could be found along the path

Just follow the path to the peak
The man-made steps makes it look easy
The locals before (probably until now) believed that the Ameyama Dragon King is living on the summit of the mountain. The Ameyama Dragon King is said to be in control of the rain. When there is drought the locals would climb up to the peak ti ask the dragon for rain. Today, the villages of Nariai at the foot of the mountain practice the belief through an event called Hassaku every 1st of September.
Sadly I can't read this one
One of the milestones in the mountain

On the historical side, the mountain was the location of the Rain Fortress. Although it was long gone, it once played an important and strategic role of guarding the Kokawa highway. It is now known as the Ameyama Ruined Castle.
The torii gate

I hiked Mt. Ameyama alone during my 4th day of stay in Japan. It was my second destination after visiting Okuyama Ameyama Natural park on my solo backpacking tour of Kumatori town. Compared to my hikes in the Philippines, Mt. Ameyama is a fairly easy climb. I have to thank the well maintained pathway for that though.

Cabin at the peak
Can someone translate this for me?
The Ameyama Shrine can be found at the peak 

The view from the back of the cabin
Break time!

The well near the peak

Overall, despite not finding the Ameyama Ruined Castle (which is my main goal) I got the chance of successfully conquering my first mountain in Japan. It might not be that tall but it's worth climbing.
A view from the peak near the area of the ruined castle
Torii gate before the peak

Mountain Details:
Height: 314 m
Jump off Point: Under the over pass of Hanwa motorway in Kumatori town, Osaka Prefecture.
Climb time: 40 minutes to an hour

Ameyama 314 meters...

Getting there:

By bus;
Ride the #92 Nankai Bus from Nankai Main Line in Izumizano Station  bound for Osaka University of health and Sports Sciences. From the University the jump of point is just a 20 minute walk away.
Jump off point

Another option is to ride the  #90 Nankai Bus bound for Okakita. Board down at the town of Nariai. From there the jump off point is just 15 minutes away.


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