Japan Diaries: Day 5

Day 5 December 23, 2014:

Even if I had been on a back to back adventure yesterday, I still have enough energy and excitement for our trip today. It's all because we're heading to Universal Studios Japan (USJ)! (Who wouldn't be excited about that?) However, before anything else I would like to greet Emperor Akihito a happy birthday! (It's a national holiday today -天皇誕生日, Tennō tanjōbi
We drove early to Universal Studios Japan from Kameyama Residence for our 2-day USJ adventure. We were accompanied by Ms. Sawa and her son Ryu. We would then meet up with Ms. Akiko and Ms. Chiz together with their children in the theme park.  However, before we proceeded to USJ, we first went to Hotel Keihan (Universal Tower) to check-in our bags. 
Inside Hotel Keihan

After leaving our stuff in the hotel, we immediately headed to USJ and met up with our Japanese friends. We were really blessed because our 2-day pass included a Universal Express pass for our first day tour. The express pass allows us to skip the long lines of the rides in the park. In that way we could try all the rides without the hassle of waiting in a very long line. Before going to the rides, Ms. Chiz explained to us our park itinerary for the day. As it turns out we have to follow a strict time frame to enjoy our Universal Express pass. 

Our park itinerary for the morning is as follows:
Flight of the Hippogriff

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
Jaws (ride)
Hollywood Dream - The Ride- Backdrop (One Direction's Happily would forever be in my memory because of this ride.) 

Butterbeer anyone?
After the rides we got to rest for a bit and eat our lunch at Snoopy's Backlot Cafe. We headed back to the Harry Potter area and treated our Japanese family and friends with Butterbeer as a sign of gratitude. We then proceeded to our afternoon itinerary which is:
Flying Snoopy
The Song of An Angel (USJ Illumination event)
The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
Jurassic Park - The Ride
After the Jurassic Park - The Ride, the park announced that it will close for the day. We said our goodbyes to Ms Chiz and her son Taigo and left the park. Our Japanese family then brought us to Daikisuisan Revolving Sushi which is located in the Universal CityWalk Osaka. We enjoyed the wide array of sushi dishes. However, my wife's allergy was triggered with one sushi dish that she ate. Luckily, it was not that severe and she recovered quickly.
Dinner time!

After eating, we headed back to Hotel Keihan to rest. Our Japanese family bid us goodbye (They are all going back to the Kameyama residence). Before we slept, my wife and I talked about our USJ adventure and we both agreed that the best rides in the park were the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, Hollywood Dream -The Ride- Backdrop and Jurassic Park Ride. 
Bye Universal Studios Japan! See you tom!
The view of USJ from our room
Thanks to our Japanese Family for this opportunity
Though we called it a day, our adventure in Universal Studios Japan is still not over yet. Tomorrow, it would only be us who's going back to the park. It would surely be another memorable adventure.


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