Japan Diaries: Day 10

Day 10 December 28, 2014:

Good morning Japan! The weather is a bit unpredictable today. It rained a while ago then the sun came out then it's raining once again. Although it's a Sunday today, this weather makes planning for a trip hard.
Despite the confusing weather, our morale was boosted when Mr. Toshi cooked a very delicious breakfast for us. In addition to that, I also got the chance to soak myself in the rejuvenating hot tub in Mr. Toshi's house.
Pay before you enter
Atleast I know I'm not a penguin
Nice facade!
That afternoon, Mr. Toshi told us that we will be going to the mall with his wife. Little did we know that we're heading to someplace more enjoyable... and that place is none other than the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. I expected to see only fish but there were also mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles in the Kaiyukan. These animals are located at different areas in the Kaiyukan. These areas actually shows the microcosm of the different places in the world where these animals are actually found.
Aleutian Islands... one of the several areas in the Kaiyukan
Mumble from Happy feet
Andre from the movie Andre
Jaws nuff said
Flipper and a co-star
Kaiyukan's most famous attraction -the whale shark
Among the animals in the theme park, I particularly liked the seals and dolphins but I was amazed when i saw the most famous fish (AKA the superstar) of the Kaiyukan -the whale shark. It swims with the other big fishes in the central tank which is called the Pacific Ocean area. Aside from viewing the fishes doing their natural stuff (swimming of course), you could also watch some of the animals perform. During our visit we were able to watch the seals perform their tricks. 
Going to see some jellyfish!
Touch it... Feel it!
Having fun before dinner
Ella with the beautiful Ms. Sawa
"Let's go dad! Dinner time!"
After viewing the animals and even touching some sharks and rays, we bought some souvenirs then headed out to the restaurant area in the vicinity of the Kaiyukan and had some dinner before going home. 
Thank you so much Mr. Toshi!
That night Mr. Toshi asked us if we could accompany him to Wakayama Prefecture for his regular heart check up. Of course we are more than happy to oblige. It's going to be another adventure for sure. 


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