Japan Diaries: Day 18

Day 18: January 5, 2015

Good morning Japan! We had to wake up very early today to catch our flight at Kansai International Airport (KIX) going to Haneda Airport. Our chosen carrier for this flight is the All Nippon Airlines or simply ANA. I was amazed because the plane used for this 1-hour flight was quite big compared to the planes we use in the Philippines and even the one that carried us to Japan.
Boarding our ANA flight to Tokyo Prefecture
Mt. Fuji!

Anyways going back to our flight. It was about two thirds of the flight when we saw what most tourists in Japan wanted to see -the majestic Mt. Fuji. It was a scene out of my dreams. From my seat (window seat on the left side of the plane), I got the privilege of seeing the most famous volcano of Japan like a VIP on a sold out concert.
Just landed!
Bus to Tokyo Disneyland!
From Haneda Airport, we immediately boarded a bus that brought us to our destination -Tokyo Disneyland. This super famous theme park really lived up to its name. Die-hard Disney fans could be seen swarming every Disney character mascots on sight (some even give gifts and letters to these mascots). Once one enters the theme park, the Cinderella Castle gives visitors the magical feel that every kid and kid at heart dream of.  
Tokyo Disneyland!

On our first day of our 3-day Disney theme park adventure we got to experience the following attractions: (Thanks to the FastPass we got to enjoy them without spending too much time falling in line)
Hello Mickey!
A quick pose in front of the famed floral Mickey face
Dream fulfilled!
Aside from those we also got the chance to watch several parades through out the day. I was dazzled most of all by the magical night parade which also capped up our first day in Tokyo Disneyland. 
Walking around the theme park.
Enjoying the unique structures in the park

Trying out Goofy's car
Riding Pooh's honey jar
Speaking of Pooh
The famed Cinderella Castle
Pooh's float during the morning parade 
Mickey and Minnie's Float
The park at night
The Toy Story and Nemo floats during the night parade
After enjoying the parades and the rides, we retired to Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort to get enough rest for our 2nd day adventure... this time at Tokyo DisneySea.


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