Mt. Batulao Mountaineering Adventure

Located in Nasugbu in the province of Batangas, Mt. Batulao is famous for its rolling slopes and the scenic views of Batangas and parts of the city of Tagaytay. It stands 811 meters above sea level.

The mountain is popular among first time mountaineers because of its straight-forward trail. Moreover, its easy accessibility makes it a good choice for a first time hike. Because of this popularity, the mountain receives hundreds of visitors every week. This popularity has its own pros and cons though. One positive thing about having numerous hikers is that it gives livelihood to the locals living near the mountain. However, this positive things also lead to several negative consequences.

Some of the negative effects of Mt. Batulao's popularity could already be felt today. Like the following:
Mt. Batulao from a distance
Is that poop in the middle of the path?
  1. Human traffic prolongs the usual 2 hour hike.
  2. Too much human activity erodes the trails and makes it more dangerous.
  3. Uneducated hikers leaves too much trash on the mountain.
  4. Uneducated hikers vandalizes some of the large rocks along the trail, ruining the mountain's natural beauty.
  5. Refreshment stores were built along the trail even on the peak again ruining the natural beauty of the mountain
Although Mt. Batulao remains attractive and picturesque today, these negative effects would surely take its toll tomorrow.

My friends and I experienced most of these during our recent hike up Mt. Batulao. Although we faced time because of human traffic and dangerous eroded pathways, the beauty of the mountain and its surroundings still overshadow those negativities. What's great about Mt. Batulao is the open trails where one can have a beautiful 360-degree view of the mountain's surroundings. Moreover, the open trails also allows the cool breeze to pass through and reinvigorate hikers. 

Peak 1
Every turn is picture perfect!
Is that the peak?
Peak 6
Just follow the path
Can you spot the store?
Despite the heat the cool breeze kept us going
Almost there!
We also had fun doing some wacky shots
Summit reached!

Some hikers going down the mountain from a distance
View from the peak
Going down!
On the contrary this same open trails also brings challenges to hikers because during summer, the heat of the sun would sometimes be intolerable especially during noon. The trails then get muddy during the rainy seasons. In addition, the trail could also get very dusty if its windy.

Overall, Mt. Batulao is a great place to bring your friends in order for you to interest them in mountaineering. ALways keep in mind that even if its an easy hike, precaution should still be taken seriously. Safety is and always should be your primary priority.

Mountain Details:
Height: 811 m
Trailhead: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu Batangas
Climb Time: 2 hours

Getting there:
From Coastal Mall, Ride a bus going to Nasugbu. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the gate of Evercrest Golf Course which is just a few kilometers away from the Nasugbu arc. From there ride a tricycle to bring you to the jump-off point.

6:30AM - Departure from Coastal Mall
9:30AM - Board down at Evercrest Gate and ride a tike
9:50AM- Arrival at jump-off point
10:00AM - Begin hike
12:00NN - Arival at Mt. Batulao's peak/ Lunch
1:00PM - Descent
2:30PM - Arrival at jump-off point (wash up)

Option 1:
3:00PM - Departure to Manila

Option 2: 
3:00PM - Head to the nearby Caleruega to visit the Chapel of the Hill
4:30PM - Departure to Manila

Option 3: 
3:00PM - Head to Tagaytay City
4:00PM - Arrival at city proper (eat snacks/ early dinner/ coffee)
6:00PM - Departure to Manila

Option 4:
Overnight at Tagaytay

Overall ratings


  1. Wow! I never expect more of Batangas. Nice blog :)

    Jace |

  2. The mountains look awesome :) Enjoyed reading. Will share, and tweet!

    1. Hi Jeremy! Long time no communication bro!
      How are you?

  3. Were you required to hire a guide? Also were there registration points along the trail that required you to pay?

    1. Not really required but highly recommended. There is a registration area near the jump off point but you're just asked to pay a minimum amount for environmental fees.

  4. Sir, Is it possible to hike for two person?my wife and I are planing to go there by this year

    1. Hi there! Yes definitely! I'm planning to solo hike it this year. =)

  5. Hi Sir! Just want to ask if open na po ba ulit ang Mt. Batulao for hiking? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi there! yes it is open. =) we used the new trail near Caleruega. =)

  6. Those photos you took are breathtaking! Batulao is indeed a great mountain!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback LoveEatWander. Hope to hear from you more

  7. Sir, safe ba siya for solo hiker? May mga available guides ba sa registration area na pwede makuha, and how much? Planning to hike this month.

    1. Hi there! Yup safe to sa solo hiker. Nung pumunta kami maraming solo hikers. Regarding sa guides, sila pa magvovolunteer sayo. You should go. You'd love the mountain make sure di umulan 3 days bago ka umakyat

    2. Hi sir good day is it possible to bring my dog with me to hike?thanks po..

    3. Hi sir good day is it possible to bring my dog with me to hike?thanks po..

    4. oo naman. As long as kaya mong buhatin ang aso. In some areas kasi medyo nasa 70 degrees ang slope so kailangan ng tulong ng aso. =)

  8. Pano po pagpunta sa if galing saa lucena quezon.

    1. Hi there! If may van diyan going to Tagaytay then that's it... pero pagwala ride a bus heading to Alabang and ride a van there going to Nasugbu or Taal via Tagaytay. Then follow the GETTING THERE segment of this blog. =)

  9. May available guides na po ba sa area?

    1. Hi there! Yup sobrang dami ng magvovolunteer na mag guide sayo. =)

  10. Just got homey from Mt.Batulao yesterday this is not just an ordinary beginners hike for me lol 😂 From new to old trail challenge ✌️️😂

    1. WOW! Congrats! Hope to hear more from your adventures!

  11. been there! not really for beginners but if u have the guts, why not try it.. :) hopefully i can go back there.. :)

    1. Hi there, the path is straight forward but I have to agree, with 2 deaths in its belt, Batulao might not be for beginners... but they could try it out even if it's their first mountain.

  12. Hi ! Open ba on sunday ?

    1. Hi there! Yes it is kaso expect na maraming tao since it's a weekend.

  13. hello. thank you sa mga infos. magtatanong nrin, is it possible na umakyat ng walang guide? hindi ba kami maliligaw at mdali b mkita ung daan since firstym namin sa batulao? also, malayo b ung evercrest ppnta ng jump off? pra mkatipid rn.hehe. thanks.

    1. Good morning. Possible pong walang guide pero highlu\y recommended na meron... for safety purposes. Possible ding lakarin from Evercrest pero additional 3-4 KM din un.

  14. hello, is it safe for foreigners?

    1. Yes it is. Just make sure that you remain vigilant and you don't hike drunk you'd be ok. The locals are more than willing to guide you.


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