Quezon: Kamay ni Hesus Shrine

Located in Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban in the province of Quezon, Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is a famous religious shrine and grotto of the province.

Also known as Via Dolorosa Grotto, Kamay ni Hesus was built under the initiative of Fr. Joseph "Joey" Faller in 2003. He is known as a gifted healing priest. Due to Fr. Faller's healing masses, Kamay ni Hesus became one of the country's most visited healing centers.

Christian statues can be seen in every corner of the place 
A replica of Pieta by Michelangelo

Pilgrims look like ants from a distance.
The chapel at the foot of the hill.
Inside the chapel

One of the highlights of Kamay ni Hesus is the 50-foot statue of Christ with his arm wide open found on the top of a hill. This statue is often referred to as the Risen Christ or Ascending Christ. Pilgrims and tourists who want to get close to the statue has to walk up the 300 plus man made concrete steps in order to do so. Along the way to the peak, one would see the life-size sculptures of the 14 Stations of the Cross. Once on the peak, one would also get a nice view of the hill's surrounding areas.
Entrance to the hill
Don't worry this huge gathering only happens during the Holy Week
If I'm not mistaken that's Mt. Banahaw
Kamay ni Hesus is the last place that we visited during our Visita Iglesia in the province of Laguna and Quezon. During our visit there were hundreds of pilgrims lined up trying to reach the peak of the hill. Because of it we decided not to go up the hill but just offer our prayers in the chapel at the foot of the hill. In that way we would still accomplish our purpose of visiting churches.
I think this place is added to make Kamay ni Hesus an Instagram ready place
Mi familia...
Overall, I would still want to revisit Kamay ni Hesus someday and see the towering statue of Christ up close.

Getting there:

From Manila, Cubao, and Alabang ride a bus going to Lucena City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the diversion road where you could ride a jeep to Lucban (the conductor knows where this is), ride a bus or jeepney going to Lucban town proper. Tell the driver to drop you off at Kamay ni Hesus.

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