Singapore: Fort Siloso Skywalk

Located in the western side of Sentosa Island in Signapore, Fort Siloso Skywalk is a 11-storey, 181 meter long skywalk trail that leads visitors from the Siloso Beach area to Fort Siloso.

The Fort Siloso Skywalk was launched with the Sentosa Cable Car Line on 2015. Its 11-storey tower comes complete with an elevator which brings visitors to the view deck. From the deck, visitors may choose to follow the 181 meter long skywalk trail that snakes above the trees going to Fort Siloso or simply enjoy the panoramic view of the skyscrapers of Singapore and the forests, cable cars, and beach events of Sentosa Island.

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Going back to the 181 meter long skywalk trail, you'd notice that there are several covered areas spread throughout the trail. These covered areas are actually stations where the history boards about the history of the island are placed. It also serves as a perfect cover just in case it  suddenly rains.
The viewing deck

Right side panel at the viewing deck
Left side panel at the viewing deck
Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Stop 5
Stop 6
Stop 7
Stop 8
Off to Fort Siloso

I managed to visit the Fort Siloso Skywalk with my family during our 2017 Singapore - Malaysia tour. It was quite surprising that a beautiful structure like this received only a handful of visitors. Not to mention, that it is one of the few attractions  in Sentosa Island that is free of any entrance fee.

Overall, the Fort Siloso Skywalk would surely be a hit to both history buffs and nature lovers. Before I forget, don't miss out the chance to visit the see through glass floor area of the viewing deck. That's the best place to test your fear of heights.

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