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Mount Batulao Revisited 2019

I first hiked Mt. Batulao three years ago with my co-teachers during one of those long weekends that year. The hike was tiring but very rewarding in terms of the beautiful view from the peak. 

Mt. Batulao stands 811 meters above sea level (MASL). For a well-trained mountaineer, the mountain could be conquered in about an hour and a half or less. However, for leisure hikers like me, it usually takes 2-3 hours to reach the summit. What's nice about this mountain is its straightforward trail perfect for beginners. That's probably one of the reasons why the mountain receives hundreds of hikers daily, probably it even reaches a thousand during the weekend or holidays. What's saddening here was the tons of garbage many of these people leave behind on the trail. Well, that was my observation three years ago.

I finally got to revisit Mt. Batulao January this year with my cousins. I'm happy to report that several meters of the road going to the jump-off point has already been cem…

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Mt. Sawi Mountaineering Adventure

Located at Gabaldon in the province of Nueva Ecija, Mt. Sawi is a fairly new but totally must-try hiking destination of the province. 

Originally called Mt. Sawing Balete, taken from the story of one person's tragic suicide at the balete tree near the peak, the name was shortened to Mt. Sawi to be "in" with the growing popularity of the "hugot" lines introduced by the numerous Filipino romantic comedy (RomCom) films. Others, including me, believe that it was shortened to disassociate the mountain from ghost stories and suicides. Ironically, the word sawi still means "die" in Filipino... so thank goodness to those RomCom films for giving the tragic word a new meaning. 

Mt. Sawi stands 595 MASL. It's a relatively easy hike and can be done in more or less 4 hours depending on your pace and stamina. Those who'd su

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