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Visita Iglesia Batangas - Quezon

Every Holy Week, my family and I goes out of town on a pilgrimage tour to visit churches as part of our Catholic culture. This is also known as Visita Iglesia. For our 2017 Visita Iglesia, we headed south to the provinces of Batangas and Quezon. Unlike the previous years where we only visit Spanish-era or historical churches, we decided to have a mix of shrines and churches in this year's Visita Iglesia itinerary.

Here's where we went on our2017 Batangas - Quezon Visita Iglesia:

Because of the distance of our house from our target provinces, our three-car convoy left home early to avoid traffic and headed to our first destination which is the St. Pio National Shrine in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. It is a quaint shrine tucked in the inner part of town. We spent almost two hours here doing the Stations of the Cross and exploring its different structures.

From Sto. Tomas, Batangas we drove to Lucena in the province of Quezon. Our convoy got separated because I followed Google Maps (which …

Batangas: Kabayan Beach Resort

Located in Laiya, San Juan in the province of Batangas, Kabayan Beach Resort is one of the top beach side resorts in Laiya.

Kabayan Beach Resort is one of the oldest among the numerous resorts limed up along the shores of Laiya. In their 20 years in the business, Kabayan Beach Resort managed to successfully compete with the newer resorts by providing competitive rates and by upgrading its facilities and amenities to cater to the different wants of the guests.

Speaking of facilities, guests would surely enjoy the following:

Banana boat ride (min 5 pax) - P300 / head for 15 minutesFlying Fish (min 6 pax) - P400 / head for 15 minutesSpeed boat (max 4 pax) - P8,500 /hourKayak - P300/ hourBilliards - P100/hourAside from these, Kabayan Beach Resort is partnered with Laiya Adventure Park which is located several kilometers away in Sitio Lumbangan. Barangay Laiya Aplaya. Guests of Kabayan Beach Resort gets free entrance and shuttle service from the resort to the adventure park. Guests can then a…

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