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Albay: Joroan Church

Located in the town of Joroan in Tiwi in the province of Albay. Joroan Church is more popularly known to pilgrims as Nuestra Señora de Salvacion which is the name of the miraculous statuette of the Virgin Mary.
Joroan Church
It is said that the town of Joroan and Nuestra Señora de Salvacion are inseparable. Not to mention, the town of Joroan became famous because of the said image of the Virgin Mary.
Joroan Church facade
The story about the miraculous statuette began when a man named Mariano Dacoba, a saltmaker and caretaker, was clearing the land that he was asked to watch over. He cut down a calpi tree to use as firewood. However, after a day he was amazed that the tree did not wilt nor die but instead remained fresh as it was before. He believed that it was a miracle. He shared the story to his master who in turn asked the friar to come over and see for himself the miracle that occurred. The friar in turn called a sculptor named Bagacumba. Out of the miraculuos tree, he carved three statuettes -Nuestra Señora de Salvacion (now in Joroan), San Antonio de Padua, and Nuestra Señora de Solidad (both in Tambo).

Church Interior
Church altar
To date thousands have already visited Joroan church. Some came to thank the statuette, others came because of curiosity, but most came for help and divine guidance.

My dad posing for my blog
Like most churches in Albay, I visited Joroan Church during the Albay roadtrip with my family. What I like about the church is its ambiance. Cool breeze would comfort you on a hot day and the smell of fresh leaves mixed with scented candles would whiff through your nostrils. 

Touch (and wish) to the miraculous Nuestra Senora De Salvacion

However, there's a catch. The problem one has to face if he wants to visit the church is its location. Joroan is one of the last town in Tiwi. It's close to the border of the province of Camarines Sur. Although it's accessible by road, very few public vehicles travel to the church. Sometimes you have to wait for an hour to hitch a ride in or out the town.

Getting there:

1. From Manila, board a bus bound from Legazpi City
2. from the terminal in Legazpi City, board a van going to Tiwi.
3. From Tiwi town proper board a jeepney going to Joroan. Inform the driver to drop you off near the church.
4. Take note that you could also  tricycles in Joroan 
From the terminal in Legazpi City, take the van going to Tiwi. Get down at the Tiwi poblacion or at the final stop. From there ride the jeep going to Joroan crossing which is right in front of the San Isidro Labrador chapel. Then get on a tricycle to take you to the Resorts.

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  1. Hey, this was a splendid story. I'm glad that I got to read about your travels with your family :) I hope that you write many more.

    The church itself is great too, and thanks for sharing the legend of the 'un-wilting' tree :)

  2. I'm so very beautiful photographs traveled to places you've visited in

  3. hi neil, i am from Tiwi Albay, nice blog. i missed my hometown tuloy. regards to KC and baby girl.

    1. Hi Imee! My dad is from Camalig Albay. =) Great province! Thank you so much!

  4. Hello Neil! Quite not sure if your blog is still active but this one is a very informative article about our Diocesan Pilgrim Site... Your surname sounds familiar. Are you from Camalig, Albay? How are you related to Rey? My Mom was born and raised there, and we take regular visits to that town as well.

    1. Hi Ms. Tin! Yes my blog is active.
      Thank you so much on your positive feedback.
      Yes the NICERIO clan is from Albay particularly the town of Camalig. I'm not really sure if I know a certain Rey.
      My dad is from Camalig and I grew up in Manila. Probably we are related hahaha. =) Small world


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