Camiguin: Katibawasan Falls

Located in Mambajao int he island province of Camiguin, measuring about 250 feet in height, Katibawasan Falls is the highest waterfalls in the province.

Katibawasan Falls
Found at the foot of Mt. Timpoong , Katibawasan falls is considered as the most popular among the other falls in Camiguin (this might be due to its highly commercialized nature)

Look for this sign on the road
Well painted wall near the entrance
Entrance fee Adults P15 /Children P6
Even if the falls is quite tucked in the southern part of Mambajao, you might be shocked that the area around the falls have been improved and is sometimes brimming with tourists. Keep in mind that there is an entrance fee of P15 per person if you want to go nearer the falls.

Check out the falls

In case you get hungry or you forgot your lunch, there are several stores that sell foods and souvenirs found a few meters away from the entrance.

Try out this "crispy corn pancake topped with sugar syrup". =)

Once inside the vicinity, you would notice that the place is well maintained and clean (that's why it was not that painful to say goodbye to my P30). There are also clean washrooms inside the vicinity where you could change up in case you want to take a dip in the falls.

Giant ferns and other flora surround the falls

Aside from the facilities in the area, you would surely notice the giant ferns and trees that surround the landscape. They provide shade to swimmers and tourists against the hot sun. That's why some tourists would prefer to spend their afternoons here instead of the beaches in the province.

My wife looks uneasy here -the effect of  our lovers quarrel. LOL

When my wife  and I visited Katibawasan falls, we were actually having a little bit of lover's quarrel. Thus, the plan of taking a dip in the falls didn't come into fruition. Instead, I used up most of my time "courting" my wife. I was successful of course but sadly there was no time to swim around the falls. I just took photos of the falls and my wife instead. Turns out I enjoyed it more that anything else. =)

Getting there:

Airline companies offer flights to Cagayan de Oro Airport (Laguindingan Airport).
From there  ride a van to Agora Market.  From there that will bring you to the Balingoan Port in Cagayan the Oro.
van fare to Agora: P200
van fare to Balingoan Port: P150
Board a fast craft going to Benoni Port.
Fast craft fare: P550-750
From Benoni Port in Camiguin you have a variety of transportation choices. 
(It's a wise choice to haggle first before acquiring someones services.)
Motorcycle: P400-500 a day
Motorela (tricycle): P800-1000 a day
Multicab: P1500-1700 a day

In our case we had a prearranged tour. We rented a multicab to tour us around the province for two days.

Overall rating
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  1. Hahaha! About the LQ thing.. I so remember that. We had petty fights over petty things! haha. I was so irritable. We didn't know I was already preggy at that time.. Booomm! That was WHY! hahaha.

    1. Hehehe. =) Well all's well that ends well =)

  2. Awesome, I'm always glad when I read these. Wondering, what are you guys eating? Looks like a taco thing with chocolate :)

    1. It's like a crispy pancake with sweet syrup on top. Quite delicious though. =) I forgot to ask for its local name. =)

  3. Amazing place!! I hope to visit the Philippines one day.

    1. I do hope you get that chance to visit the Philippines Lina. =)


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