Camiguin: Katunggan Park

Hidden by the thick mangrove forest along the main road of Mahinog in the province of Camiguin, The Lovers' Secret Bridge which is now known as Katunggan Park is a picturesque wooden bridge built in the middle of a mangrove swamp. 
The Lovers' Secret Bridge
My blog would probably be the first to publish an article about The Lovers' Secret Bridge. In fact my wife and I were the ones who gave the bridge its name.

Best for some quiet moment
Together with our tour guide/driver Kuya Chris, we accidentally stumbled upon the bridge purely because of my wife's sharp eye and curiosity. On our way back to Benoni Port, my wife saw a partial clearing along the mangrove forest. Kuya Chris was generous and game enough to spare us some time and accompany us off the beaten path and check out the area. What we found within the mangrove forest sure did make us jump in excitement. Thus, after the initial excitement settled down, we immediately prepared ourselves for a photo shoot session. =)

Check out the mangrove forest
Monkeying around during the photo session
After numerous pictures of ourselves and the area, we decided to explore a bit and check out what else our discovery has to offer. I found out that the area was literally crawling with life. Aside from the hundreds of mangrove trees, I also saw mudskippers, crabs and different kinds of fishes that reside in the shallow waters of the swamp.

Mangrove swamp
Check out those mudskippers
Exploring time!
My wife and Kuya Chris
Overall we took pride in our discovery, Kuya Chris even talked about adding The Lovers' Secret Bridge to his itinerary. On the other hand I told my wife that I would brag about it... Ooops I mean BLOG about it! =)

Getting there:

Airline companies offer flights to Cagayan de Oro Airport (Lumbia Airport) in the province of Misamis Oriental.
From there rent a taxi that will bring you to the Port of Cagayan the Oro.
taxi fare: P80-150
Board a fast craft going to Benoni Port.
Fast craft fare: P550-750
From Benoni Port in Camiguin you have a variety of transportation choices. 
(It's a wise choice to haggle first before acquiring someones services.)
Motorcycle: P400-500 a day
Motorela (tricycle): P800-1000 a day
Multicab: P2000-2500 a day

In our case we had a prearranged tour. We rented a multicab to tour us around the province for two days.


  1. Another awesome post buddy. Love the mud skippers :P we have things we call skippers here but they're like little black bugs, sort of like spiders. Those things there look fish :) lol

    1. Yup they are fishes alright. I think they're one of the few that could survive on dry land. They use their fins to "walk". Whew I wonder if they're great as aquarium fishes. LOL


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