Albay: Tabaco Church

Located in the city of Tabaco in the province of Albay, Tabaco Church has a design typical to those of the churches found in the Ilocos Region. If you're wondering what that similarity is, look at the picture above closely. If you still can't figure it out, let me explain it to you. Like most churches in the North the bell tower of the church is built several meters away from the church. This is to protect the church from the bell tower in case the former topples down.

Tabaco Church
Tabaco Church is also known as St. John the Baptist Church, named after the city's patron saint. The first church structure was built in 1616 under the guidance of Fr. Pedro De Alcareso. The present church on the other hand was built to replaced the old one in 1864 and was completed in 1879. They say the church is unique among other churches in the Philippines because the stones used to build the church bears the distinct marks of the Masons.
A picture of the church from our car
The family poses at the monument in front of the church
Church facade

Church belfry
Like most towns in Albay, Tabaco was also frequently raided by the Moslem pirates or Moros. Aside from that, the town and the church experienced a number of other disasters in the past century. The well known disasters that struck Tabaco City are; the 1811 typhoon, the 1814 eruption of Mayon Volcano, typhoon Trix in 1952, the commercial center fire of 1964, and typhoon Sining in 1970.

Church interior
Despite these calamities, the town and its people moved on guided by their faith.

Like most churches in Albay, I visited Tabaco Church or St. John the Baptist Church during the Albay Road trip that I had with the Family.

Cemetery beside the church
What I like about the church is its unique design. You would also find that they bury prominent townspeople inside and beside the church. Just a tip, be very mindful about respecting the sacredness of the church. During my visit there, I noticed several kids playing inside the church while their parents were chatting with some friends.

Getting there:

Ride a bus going to Tabaco City. There are several bus companies that travels directly from Manila to Tabaco City.
bus fare: P600

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  1. Beautiful photographs, fantastic place. I am greeting

  2. Love this spot. Church belfry is awesome :)

    1. Haha that's true. Aside from the facade, the belfry is the next thing that I check out in churches.

  3. Replies
    1. Really? Your place is really beautiful. Albay would always be close to my heart.

  4. oh my god!! youve been to my hometown na pala kuya neil hahaha... hope you enjoyed it..

    1. =) I did!!! The place was amazing. Not to mention the beautiful church (I love historical places!).


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