The Philippines: Pearl of the Orient


A country found in Southeast Asia, The Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands. Also known as the Gateway of Asia, The Philippines is well known for its rich culture and beautiful tourist destinations.

Philippine Flag
Philippine Map
The Philippines is categorized into three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
Luzon is the Largest among the three main island groups. Manila, the capital of the country is located here.

Visayas is composed of the most islands among the three main island groups.

Mindanao is the southern most island group. It is the source of most raw materials like lumber and ore.
Planes are the best means of transportation around the archipelago
If you have plenty of time to spare, an island hopping cruise should also be on your list.
The local inhabitants of the archipelago are generally called Filipinos or Pinoys. They are known for their hospitality, cooking skills, and fun-loving nature.
Filipinos are very hospitable (especially to foreign tourists) 
Pinoys are also cheerful, they are willing to smile for your photos. =P
Not to mention, Filipino families are the most tightly knit in the world 
...with our Japanese family Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko
The Filipinos have one of the most diverse cultures in Asia. Having a trace of Spanish, American, Japanese, and Oriental influences in the Filipinos culture, expect that the Filipinos have a wide array of traditions and beliefs.

A week, even a month would surely be not enough if you’re planning to go around and check out the wonders of the Philippines. 

Things to keep in mind:

Capital: Manila
Currency: Philippine Peso (Php)
Language Spoken: Filipino / English
Government: Republic

So what are you waiting for?

Join me as we hop around and count each island in the country!
Plan your trip to find out why It’s More Fun in the Philippines.


  1. Awesome, I've always wanted to go to the Philippines. I've met some nice people online from there. Definitely on the bucket list :)

    1. Don't forget to visit me and my family once you come to the Philippines my friend.


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