Food Trip: Balot

Probably the most famous street food in the Philippines, balot or balut is a fertilized duck egg that is boiled and eaten in the shell. What's unusual with this food is that you eat the duck embryo that's waiting for you inside the egg. (Imagine it as a glorified Happy Meal.)

Balot is also found and eaten in some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It was said that Chinese traders brought the idea of eating balot to the Philippines. The Filipinos on the other hand localized the craft of balot-making. Balot from Pateros are well known for their superb quality and taste because the balot-makers there have mastered the art of selecting and incubating the eggs.

Slowly open the balot
Put your favorite seasoning for maximum flavor
Then sip. 
Balot-making literally takes time. Filipinos prefer the traditional production by hand thus a duck egg takes 17 to 21 incubation days before it is finally boiled and served.

Atleast the duck embryo is still small

Challenge accepted!

In order to fully enjoy a balot, one has to remember the following: 
1. Balot is best served warm.
2. Balot is best accompanied by a mixture of chili, garlic, and vinegar seasoning. Salt is OK too.
3. Balot is best eaten with beer or any alcoholic beverage.

How to eat balot (traditional)
1. Crack the egg to make a small openning on the balot.
2. Put your preferred seasoning in the hole you just made.
3. Sip the broth in the egg. (In some cases the embryo is still small and gelatinous that it could be sipped together with the broth.)
4. After sipping the broth, make the opening larger to expose the embryo , yolk and the egg white.
5. Consume everything but the shell.

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