Cavite: People's Park in the Sky

Located in Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite, People's Park in the Sky was built to accommodate (and please) a visitor who never came.

Built in 1979 under the instruction of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos, People's Park in the Sky was formerly known as the Palace in the Sky. In order for the "mansion" to be built the highest point of Tagaytay had to be leveled of to about half its size. The main reason behind of this permanent change in natural landscape is simply hospitality. The mansion was intended to be the guest house of the visiting former California Governor Ronald Reagan -he never came.
The park transmission towers as seen from South Luzon Express Way
I was lucky enough to have a foggy experience
A gloomy afternoon view from the park
The only route one can take to get to the park.
posing for the cam
Tagaytay Highlands as seen from the park
The mansion was half finished when the People Power Revolution broke out and the Marcos regime fell. The Palace in the Sky was then renamed People's Park in the Sky and local and foreign visitors are then allowed access in the vicinity.
A giant statue of Jesus can be found on the top
A view of the Taal lake and volcano from People's Park

What I love about the park is its cold climate, there are also times when the whole park is enveloped in thick fog. Aside from that I certainly enjoyed the unspoiled view of Tagaytay and Taal Lake.

Get ready for some uphill walk!
Although it's foggy, You could clearly see the rusty pillar and moist surroundings.
What saddens me though is the deteriorating condition of the park. Surely the park has seen better days. However the unfinished mansion and the ill-maintained establishments in the area proves to be an eye sore to many.
Enjoyed the time with my eX GF (she's my wife now)
I hope that the local government of Tagaytay figure out a way to make cash from these trash. If I were them, I would tear down the old musky building. In place of that useless crap, I would build a hotel, restaurant or a recreation facility that would surely  attract more tourist into the site. 

Looks like:
The Hanging Garden of Babylon.
The grandeur and the sense of being long gone. (It's heading that way though)

Getting there:

From Manila, board a bus bound for Tagaytay City. tell the conductor to drop you at the rotunda in Tagaytay City. From there board a tricycle or jeepney heading to your destination.

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