Cavite: Battery Grubbs Ruins

Found in the island of Corregidor in Cavite, Battery Grubbs is composed of two Model 1895M1 guns on Model 1901 disappearing carriages. They were part of the Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays.
Battery Grubbs
Battery Grubbs is known for the Spanish-style arch that welcomes visitors to its gun emplacements. Construction began in November of 1907 and was completed on February 2, 1911 at the cost of $212,397.88. 
The Spanish-style arc 
The ruins of Battery Grubbs
 A great view from the battery ruins
The insignia of the men who manned the guns
the NHI marker
Gun replacement for Battery Grubbs
The disappearing gun
Battery Grubbs played a minimal role in the defense of the Philippines during World War II. During the early days of April 1942, the Number 1 gun already suffered mechanical failures making it unusable. The Number 2 gun weren't as lucky, an aerial bomb hit the power plant which put the Number 2 gun out of service. Then, five days later, a direct hit took out the Number 2 gun which also destroyed the Battery Commander's station.
Take a peak at the battery ruins.

When the Japanese captured the island, they attempted to restore Battery Grubbs, however US bombardment of the island in 1945 damaged the installation rendering the gun unserviceable. 

For me, it is quite memorable to walk around the ruins of Battery Grubbs. Not only does it show you the extensive damage the gun received but also the feeling of how close Bataan is from the battery.

Today the island of Corregidor, its guns and ruins are considered as a national park. 

Getting there:

Unless you hire a yacht (which is very expensive) or go to Bataan and rent a fishing boat to bring you to the island (which is tiring if you're from Manila), there is no other way to get to the island but through Sun Cruises.

Sun Cruises dominated, or let me say captured the tourism market for Corregidor. The good thing about it is that they have daily trips to the island.

CCP Terminal A, CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard, Manila
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