Cagayan: Anguib Beach

Located in the northeastern part of Brgy. San Vicente in Santa Ana in the province of Cagayan, Anguib Beach has a long stretch of fine white to creamy sand kissed by pristine blue waters.

Anguib Beach is one of the hidden gems of North Luzon. It is probably the northeasternmost beach in the island of Luzon. In fact my group had to brave ferocious waves in order for us to reach the beach. However, there is a much safer route for those who easily get sea sick. You can rent a tricycle or drive directly from Sta. Ana to Anguib Beach. The main difference is the travel time. If you take the boat you'll probably have an hour of travel time compared to the more than an hour's worth of travel time by land.
beautiful, clean, and isolated
Upon reaching the beach you can choose between the P100 or P30 beach area. The P100 part of the beach has a panoramic view and is basically a beach lover's paradise. The P30 part however, has a shallow, rocky and sometimes foamy beach. The good part about the P30 area is that it is just a few meters away from the P100 area and you could stay there without extra fees.
Anguib beach as seen from a distance
The beach is best reached by boats.
This log is used to fasten the ropes of the boats
Preparing to leave the island
Currently, Anguib Beach is being developed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority in cooperation with the Local Government of the town of Santa Ana, Cagayan.
The group
My visit to Anguib Beach is part of the Palaui Island tour. During my visit , I could simply say that I enjoyed the exclusivity of the beach. I said exclusivity because you could count the number of people around. What I didn't enjoy however, is the bombardment of fees. To sum it up, we were asked to pay P300 for a guide to Cape Engaño Lighthouse, another P300 for a guide (environmental fee) to snorkel in Punta Verde. Then another P30 or P100 environmental fee/ entrance fee for Anguib Beach, not to mention the extra P100 if we wanted to rent a hut. 
Overall, despite the numerous fees, Anguib Beach is a must see/ visit place worthy of anyone's bucket list. 

Getting there:

From Manila, ride a bus heading to Sta. Ana, Cagayan. From there you can rent a tricycle to bring you to Anguib Beach. Another option is to ride a tricycle to San Vicente Port. From there you can ride a boat to Anguib Beach.

Overall rating


  1. You can check lot for sale in cagayan de oro city. You can find affordable places to live here.

  2. I have not been to Philippines yet and good I came across this pearly sand beach now I will add in my itinerary.

    1. Hahaha this is just one of the many beautiful beaches in the Philippines to visit. =)

  3. This looks like a paradise , love the pictures <3

  4. This looks like one of those places that Thomas Cook would recommend as an ideal honeymoon destination. Lovely post, great pics and well detailed guide of a beach less traveled.

  5. I have never heard of Anguib Beach but it looks beautiful. Shame that they Nickel and dime you to death with all of those fees. Silly little things like that often make me feel like i am getting hustled and can always ruin even the most perfect of beach excursions

  6. It's beautiful, maybe I'll travel there some day!

  7. I love the way these pictures came out. Makes me see another aspect of the Philippines that I haven't seen before. The beaches look amazing for sure. Keep taking amazing pictures. I think you really capture the place really nicely.

  8. This is a detailed article and very well documented. Really nice! It would be very helpful if I ever plan on going to Anguib Beach.

    1. Thanks Joanna! =) Hope you'd visit this place.

  9. Pure paradise, I love the blue tones of the water, simply amazing! I also liked it was exclusive for you ;) beautiful, isolated beaches are the best! Perfect spot with some magical landspaces!

    1. I would have to agree with everything you said bro.

  10. Never have heard of this place. Greatly enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful photos of Anguib beach.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. =) I'm happy you enjoyed your virtual tour of Anguib Beach

  11. Watta great find! I and husband must check this! Thanks for the tips, Neil!

    1. Thank you Ann. Hope you get to visit this place. =)


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