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Laguna: Calamba Church

Located in the City of Calamba in the province of Laguna, Calamba Church is just beside the Rizal Shrine which is the former residence of the National Hero of the Philippines -Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Calamba Church is also known as the Saint John the Baptist Parish Church. The church was built in 1859 during the Spanish colonial era. The church is known as the place where Dr. Jose P. Rizal was baptized. His original baptismal records has been found in the church archives and has been preserved and refurbished.
Throughout time, the church has survived countless earthquakes and typhoons however, it has no power over the destruction brought by man. The church along with most of the houses of its parishioners were burned by the Japanese during the Second World War. Several years later, Fr. Eliseo Dimaculangan would head the reconstruction of the church. To date the church has undergone several reconstructions and renovations. 

What I like about Calamba Church is the replica of the Garden of Geths…

CamSur-Albay Road Trip 2014

I have been to Albay several times already but this road trip would be a big first for me. Primarily, because it is the first time that I'd be visiting it with my wife and daughter.

However, unlike most of my road trip adventures that require me to backpack and transfer vehicles numerous times, this adventure requires me to be a mere copilot to my dad. Well, the good part about being the copilot is that I'm simply in charge of the GPS and the sound system. I'm also at liberty to take pictures and nap anytime I want without worrying about the steering wheel. 

My job on this road trip was not limited to just being a copilot though, I was also in charge of the itinerary. In fact, I prepared two itineraries months before the trip. The first one takes us to three provinces in the Bicol Region while the second itinerary focuses only on two. It was the second itinerary which I named Camarines Sur - Albay Road Trip Adventure which we followed.

Though we'd visit only two provinces…

10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines

The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Some foreign tourists even describe it as paradise. Its people are equally beautiful. They are considered the world's most hospitable people. However, I would like to avoid generalizing. Let's also keep in mind that the Philippines is no heaven and its people are no angels. 
Like any country, the Philippines is no stranger to crime and pollution. The Filipinos, like everyone else, have their own Mr. Hyde. 
Now, as a friend and concerned citizen, I'm creating my 10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines to help you have a wonderful time in paradise. Read on...
The Legal Adventure. Always bring the proper and legal documents when visiting the country. Just keep in mind that every country requires you to have one. Take note that when you're inside the country, it's better to have an ID with you at all times... In case of emergencies. (You know what I mean.)You're No Hero. Stay away from dark alleyways, depressed area…

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