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Published: Chasing Waterfalls

When I first created this blog a few years ago, I dreamt that one day some of my adventures would be published in some travel or lifestyle magazine. 

That dream was fulfilled when VIEW Travel and Lifestyle Magazine published my article Chasing Waterfalls in their November 2014 issue.

Chasing Waterfalls is about my Iligan City experience. It features some of the famous waterfalls of the city and also shares some of my experiences in the City of Majestic Waterfalls. You would also find out about the other natural and man-made attractions that the city has to offer.

Chasing Waterfalls is my first published article in my blogging career.

Laguna: Bato Springs

Located on the outskirts of San Pablo City in the province of Laguna, Bato Springs is the perfect getaway near Manila on a hot summer day. 

Prior to my visit, I have only seen the sign of this spring every time we head to southern Luzon. I have never thought of googling it or asking about it because it always slips my mind. (promise) If not for my cousin's birthday, I would have missed the chance of visiting it FOREVER. (Ok, that's overacting on my part.) 
Bato Springs is an unpopularly popular tourist destination. How's that you might ask. 
Thanks to the locals we managed to reach the resort after several minutes of being lost.
Speaking of locals, Bato Springs is so popular that once you reach the springs you'd be shocked to see that there are hundreds of them in the water. (Much like a scene in a water hole in Safari.)
What I like most about Bato Springs are its cold waters. (Not suitable for drinking though.) Aside from that, I also like the ambiance of the place. Despit…

Taiwan Experience through Taiwan Excellence

I have always dreamt of travelling to Taiwan. however time and money has always hindered me from fulfilling that dream.
I first knew about the beauty of Taiwan from my tito who used to work there several years ago. Back then the internet was just at its infancy and I can't instantly see how the places that he described looked like. My tito could only show me tidbits of the sceneries of the country through his pictures. Funny thing is, most of his pictures were dominated by people and only small portions of it showed the beauty of the places he talked about. I can't blame him though, cameras back then used films. Taking pictures of surroundings without people is considered a waste of film.

Years passed and my curiosity about Taiwan faded... or let's just say, shelved. The next brush with the topic about Taiwan came one day when my co-teacher talked to me about possible employment opportunities in the country. Just to entice me, he also talked about how good Taiwan's cultu…

Best Tour Guide in Camiguin

Camiguin is the second smallest province in the Philippines next to Batanes. The best part about visiting Camiguin is that it could actually be toured in one whole day. However, most of its tourist destinations are tucked in its interior. Unless you're using GPS it would fairly be a challenge visiting those sites.

So if you're planning to visit Camiguin and you want to have a hassle-free tour then I suggest you acquire the services of Kuya Chris "Criz" Jabay
Kuya Criz operates a multicab that brings tourists to most if not all of Camiguin's beautiful tourist spots. Kuya Criz is a soft-spoken man but he is filled with sincere friendliness that would make you feel safe. He is also open to suggestions or consultations regarding your itinerary. What I liked most when we hired his services was the VIP treatment that we felt when he boarded the fast craft that we're riding holding a placard with our name written on it.  

You can contact him on this number:

List of Festivals in the Philippines: November

Do you want to witness and be part of the exciting and colorful cultural activities in the Philippines in this month of November
Then check out the list of popular fiestas or festivals happening this month.

Gaginaway Festival
Location: Malita, Province of Davao del Sur
Details: The festival is celebrated every 12th of November. Its highlight is the cultural presentations of the Tagacaolo tribe and other tribes of the province. This festival is a way to revisit and renew the old cultural practice of the indigenous people of the province. The word gaginaway means being together.

Pawikan Festival
Location: Morong, Province of Bataan
Details: The festival is celebrated every 29th to 30th of November. Its highlight is the street dancing where participants wear sea turtle-inspired costumes. This festival is a way for the locals to intensify the awareness of the younger generation about the vulnerability of the pawikan population. It also aims to promote the protection of its species from extinct…

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