Rengakan Illumination 2014: Cultural Adventure

Rengakan Illumination is an illumination event held at Rengakan or Brick Museum (煉瓦館) in Kumatori Town, Osaka Preferecture in Japan every first of December until the twenty fifth of December.
It is known for the different presentations by different schools in the area. These presentations include performing bands, choirs, and individual presentations. There are also arts and illumination exhibits and also some interactive activities.
The illuminated pathway to Rengakan
Light up your heart...
...with a cotton candy!
The performing children's choir
One of the few food stalls around
Check out the vehicle restaurant at the background.
Any special event would not be complete without food... And that is always present during the Rengakan Illumination. Rengakan has some unique food stores which I fondly call as the "vehicle restaurants". These food stalls are actually vehicles with makeshift kitchens at their back. You could buy there food like tokoyaki, barbecue and many more. If you don't like this quick meals then you could order food from the "regular" food stores in Rengakan. It's a bit pricier than the food sold at the "vehicle restaurants" though.
The dark room activity. Featuring aquatic animals
Student designed display
An old printing machine
An important pagoda used during festivities
Going back to the illumination event, what I like most about this year's event is the dark room activity. It is where kids (and kids at heart) could draw on the installed wall canvases (cartolina) using light up pens. I enjoyed it so much because I saw my little princess enjoying every moment of the activity. I did some drawings too but my daughter's giggles were priceless.
Listen to this performance. Can you guess what song they're playing?

Aside from that, the candles used for the illumination brings life to the plain pathways and wide spaces of Rengakan. However, my daughter enjoyed blowing these candles to the point that the organizers had to go back and forth to light it up. (Sorry guys my baby thought it was her birthday). The Christmas lights also played an important role in adding effects to the brick facade of the Rengakan. 
Nope that's not Hachiko
Ready set blow!
Overall, the Rengakan Illumination is a great event to bond with your family and friends without worrying about any rigorous activities. 


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