Japan Diaries: Day 3

Day 3 Dec. 21, 2014:
Good morning Japan! It's a sunny day! However, the weather outside is still cold. Today, we'll be heading to Suita City in Osaka Prefecture.
We left the Kameyama residence and drove to Suita City early to watch the dodgeball tournament of Akiko's youngest son. Sadly, his team lost but it was a great game and the kids enjoyed it. After the game, we went on a little walk in Nishigawara Park (we also did some picture taking of course)
Heading to Suita
Shita doing his best during the competition.

A stone marker at Nishigawara Park.

Cake from Delicius Pasticceria

Food from Crochetta
We then drove going to the Muro residence, we passed by several restaurants to buy some take out food for the get together party. We bought food at Delicius Pasticceria (yup that's how they spelled delicious) and Crocchetta.
So cute I felt guilty I ate it.
Our new found Japanese friends
A view from Muro residence. 
During the party we got to meet some of Akiko's close friends. We had fun chatting with them and I had fun playing with their kids too. When night fell and the visitors started to back to their homes, I thought that we're going home too but to my surprise we headed to Expo '70 Commemoration Park (also in Suita City) to watch an illumination event. 
It was a very cold night but that didn't stop us from finishing the illumination event.
The Illuminated Tower of the Sun
The Illuminated streets of EXPO 70
The back side of the Tower of the Sun
What we witnessed was the Illumi-night Banpaku Xmas event. It is our second illumination event since we got to Japan. This unplanned trip surely made my day. After the show, we got to walk around the park for a bit but the cold weather drained us of our energy, so we decided to go back home.
Road home.

After several hours of travelling, we finally got back to Kameyama residence. By this time I already got a motto. "Although tired, we must be ready because tomorrow is another story." (... and yes tomorrow would be another story)

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  1. Wow, you have been lucky to passed by to the nearby restaurant, which would definitely a good choice. The food looks really tempting and luscious. I also love that you get to bond with your friends friend and lead to a fun chit chat along the way. You showed me a glimpse of beautiful Japan. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. I agree Reniel. =) I love the fact that our Japanese family would always introduce us to their friends as family. Thank you for visiting my blog article. =)

  2. I have not heard of Suita City before. I usually think of Tokyo when I think of Japan. It does seem like an interesting place. All those lights during the illumination make it look so beautiful. And those cakes and food looks very cute and tempting hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for visiting Karie. Here's what I discovered in Japan... Everything there is incorporated with art. The food, souvenirs, and even the parks are all quite artistic.

  3. Wow! Olaffff! Hehe. This has got me quite excited for my trip in May. Can't wait to try their food, I heard authentic Japanese food is the best.

    1. WOW! See you in May... Where are you heading?

  4. With so many cake and sweet options and those night lights..my kid is sure to enjoy this place a lot. I am following your Japan Diaries day by day and bookmarking each of the post. Will have to refer back when I myself plan my trip there.

    1. Thank you so much Neha. =) Looking for ward to your own post about Japan in your blog.

  5. I really like reading your Japan posts not just because I love Japan but more so from the fact that you had an opportunity to see it in a local point of view. It's quite refreshing especially for us who only get to read travelers' perspective on blog posts. I like reading about personal experiences, and finding out about places we don't normally see on blogs. I wish I could go back to Japan this year.

    1. Thank you so much Marge. I pray that you'd get the chance to revisit Japan this year. =) Would love to read about them in your future blog articles.

  6. Loved the Olaf in there :). I can understand why you felt guilty. Looks like a great place to try good food !

    1. That's true Swati. =) Food there is awesome. =)


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