Ilumi-Night Banpaku Xmas 2014: Cultural Adventure

Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas is an Illumination event held in Expo Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture every December 12 to 15 and December 20 to 25.

It is famous for the high-tech 3D mapping projections done onto the symbolic tower called Tower of the Sun. These projections are also called Beam Painting.
Start of the show...
All that color whew...
This one reminds me of an octopus

While this one reminds me of a carrot...
The illuminated streets has...
illuminated butterflies...
...and illuminated kissing dogs
The theme of the illumination is called Miracle. It is about fairies and the fantasy world they live in. This is then projected directly to the body of the uniquely shaped Tower of the Sun. Aside from this beautiful show, the streets of the park is decorated with thousands of colorful LED displays which is called Illumi-street.

The event starts at 4PM until 9PM. Visitors is allowed to enter the venue up until 8:30PM only. If you're planning to attend this Illumination event you have to pay the entrance fee of 250 yen for adults and 70 yen for kids.

Entrance to the illumination event
The  ticket
Gotta love snacks while watching the Illumination event
My daughter's busy watching the illumination event
We got to attend the Illumination event after attending a get together party in Suita City. This special event is our second Illumination ever since we got to Japan.


Overall rating


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