Japan Diaries: Day 9

Day 9 December 27, 2014:
I had an awesome solo backpacking tour of Wakayama Prefecture yesterday. This time, I'll be going on a temple tour in Kyoto Prefecture. However, instead of going on another solo trip, I will be accompanied by my wife, daughter and my Japanese family.
Yay Kyoto!
Although traffic jams are nearly non-existent in the area of Osaka Prefecture that we stay in, we still left early in hopes of avoiding any influx of local and foreign tourists that might flock Kyoto Prefecture today. (It's a Saturday today that's why).
famous torii gates of Fushimi Inari
We arrived at Fushimi-Inari Taisha at around 9AM. It was one of Mr. Toshi's hand picked destinations in Kyoto Prefecture. The place is well known for the hundreds of torii gates that were donated by businessmen. You would also notice the importance of foxes to the shrine as depicted by the numerous statues and images of them in the shrine complex. 
The Nai-haiden of Fushimi Inari Taisha
Can you guess what's written on the bandana?
As expected there were hundreds of tourists that visited the shrine that day despite the very cold temperature. We didn't stay long nor planned to hike up Mt. Inari because we brought my baby daughter along with us. We just took plenty of photos,  bought some 500 yen barbeques (which were very expensive) and some souvenirs like the "I am #1" and "Japan is  #1" bandanas before heading to our next destination.
Somebody got tired walking up to the temple
Kiyomizu-dera (temple)
Washed my hands and drank water from Otowa Falls
We drove several kilometers and was welcomed by a crowded street. We had to look for a parking space before walking at least 300 meters up hill to our next destination - Kiyomizu-dera (temple). The temple is our very first UNESCO World Heritage Site destination. It is famously known as the temple with a veranda built on the side of a hill. Aside from that the temple is also known as the temple that's built without the use of a single nail. 
The road to Higashiyama Street
Some souvenirs sold in Higashiyama Street
Kinkaku-ji (temple)
After our tour in the temple complex, we had lunch at a restaurant in the nearby Higashiyama Street before going to our next destination. After our hearty lunch, our Japanese family brought us to the temple that I personally wished to see - Kinkaku-ji (temple). It is famously known as the Golden Pavilion because of its golden facade. Sadly, my wife was not able to come with me because my daughter was fast asleep. My wife decided to stay in the car while my Japanese family and I toured around the temple complex. Like the two places that we previously visited, there were also numerous tourists in Kinkakuji. After several minutes of touring the complex we decided to call it a day.
Check out the Golden Pavillion
My daughter with the Peco-chan Mascot

However, before we drove home we stopped at Fujiya restaurant to have dinner. Akiko-san and her kids went there to meet us there too. She and one of her kids were celebrating their birthdays that day. Overall, our road trip today was a very memorable one. I just can't believe that we visited two UNESCO sites in one day. It was truly an amazing day. 

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