Chiba: Tokyo DisneySea

Located in Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture in Japan, Tokyo DisneySea is a 176-acre theme park. It is the ninth theme park of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to open.

Tokyo DisneySea opened on September 4, 2001. It was the most expensive theme park ever built, with an estimated cost of over $4 billion. Tokyo DisneySea along with its companion park Tokyo Disneyland is the only Disney Parks in the world not owned by the Walt Disney Company.
Tokyo DisneySea map
Tokyo DisneySea's Universal-ish Globe
In 2013, Tokyo DisneySea attracted an estimated 14 million visitors making it the fourth most visited theme park in the world. It was also the fastest theme park in the world to reach the milestone of 10 million guests (having done so in 307 days after its grand opening). It toppled the previous record held by Universal Studios Japan's 336 days after the grand opening.
Got to meet Pluto and other Disney characters
The entrance brings you to the Mediterranean Harbor area
The different rides and attractions of Tokyo DisneySea are distributed in the seven uniquely themed areas of the park. These areas are:
  • Mediterranean Harbor
  • American Waterfront
  • Lost River Delta
  • Port Discovery
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Arabian Coast
  • Mysterious Island 
The park is famously known for its two symbols. The DisneySea AquaSphere ( a water fountain with a large model of the earth) and Mount Prometheus which is found in the center of the park much like the Cinderella Castle of Disneyland.

Check out the pictures of most of the places in Tokyo DisneySea:
DisneySea's famous landmarks Mt. Prometheus
Can you guess who this guy is? at Mediterranean Harbor
The Venetian Gondolas at Mediterranean Harbor
The Tower of Terror found in the American Waterfront area
Outside the Toy Story Mania at American Waterfront area
Small boats are docked in the mini lake of the American Waterfront area
The lighthouse at the American Waterfront area
Aquatopia found at the Port Discovery Area
The ride at Aquatopia
A futuristic submarine display at Port Discovery Area
Enjoy the Aquatopia Ride at Port Discovery area
The Aztec Temple at the Lost River Delta Area

Posing in front of the Raging Spirits ride at the Lost River Delta area

Jasmine's Flying Carpet ride at the Arabian Coast area
The Caravan Carousel Ride of the Arabian Coast Area
My daughter experiencing the Arabian feel at the Arabian Coast area
The Jumpin' Jellyfish ride at the Mermaid Lagoon
trying out the Jumpin' Jellyfish ride at the Mermaid Lagoon
Trying out the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride at Mysterious Island area
...and some night pictures of Tokyo DisneySea
Arabian Coast
American Waterfront
Mysterious Island
Mediterranean Harbor
Tokyo DisneySea Globe
We visited Tokyo DisneySea during the 2nd day of our Tokyo-Chiba trip. No offense but compared to Tokyo Disneyland, I prefer the overall layout and design of the Tokyo DisneySea because it is more picturesque than the other. 

Getting there:
From Haneda Airport, ride the Direct bus going to Tokyo Disney Resort. Travel time is about 45 minutes. 

You could also take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station (23 minutes ride) then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line (6 minutes ride) then transfer to either the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line going to Maihama Station (15 minutes ride).

Overall rating


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