Japan Diaries: Day 24

Day 24: January 11, 2015

Good morning Japan! Although fresh from our Mt. Koya tour yesterday, Mr. Toshi told us that we'll be heading to another UNESCO World Heritage Site today.
Our destination, according to Mr. Toshi, is the beautiful Himeji Castle which is in Hyogo Prefecture. Our plan is to drive to Kobe City (also in Hyogo Prefecture) then ride the shinkansen at Shinkobe Station going to Himejo Castle.

Kobe here we come!
Kobe Port Tower
Taking some photo ops with Mr. Port of Kobe
When we got to Kobe City, we had a brief stop at the city's famous landmark which is the Kobe Port Tower. We didn't stay long at there though. After taking several photos we drove off to Shinkobe Station. However, before doing so, Mr. Toshi dropped me off at a nearby mall so that I could buy the Kobe City tumbler of Starbucks for my collection.
Outside the Shin Kobe Station
Waiting for the Shinkansen
Upon arrival at Shinkobe Station, we treated Mr. Toshi to lunch. His family on the other hand continued on to Himeji by car. They had a head start of about an hour because we had to wait for our train's arrival.
Yay! The Shinkansen!
Inside the Shinkansen we go: AHHHH!
This would be my first time to ride the shinkansen. We all know that it is one of the fastest trains around. It was so fast that it actually took us less than 20 minutes to arrive at Himeji. Surprisingly, you don't feel the speed when you're inside the train but when you look outside all you'd see are blurred images.
Himeji Castle
Enjoying the view.
From the train station, we rode a taxi going to Himeji Castle. Funny thing was, we arrived about 15 minutes before closing time. I was shocked to see Mr. Toshi sprint towards the ticket booth to save the day. However, due to some unexplainable reasons I was the only one who got to go inside the castle. I got to see its interior and its antique stuffs. Sadly, there were some parts of the castle that was under renovation that day so I didn't fully venture it entirely.
Mr. Toshi touring us in Kobe's China Town
Check out the design in this manhole cover.
After our tour around Himeji Castle, we were picked up by Mr. Toshi's family. We then drove back home. However, we decided to have our dinner at Kobe City's China Town. (No offense but Mr. Toshi's dishes taste way better than our meal there.)
Another one for my Starbucks City Tumbler collection

We ended our stay in Kobe City with a cup of hot Starbucks coffee. Overall, we are enjoying the seemingly endless beauty of Japan. Actually, we are enjoying it so much that we really don't want to leave. Sadly, we only have 2 days left. Well, looking at it positively, we still have 2 days to make more memories here in Japan.

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