Mt. Nagpatong Mountaineering Adventure

Located in Maragondon in the province of Cavite, Mt. Nagpatong is one of the more than 20 peaks of the mountain range in Maragondon. It got its name from the large rock that once rested on top of a smaller rock on its peak.

It is famously known as one of the two mountains where the Filipino hero Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio was reportedly executed -the other mountain was Mt. Buntis. However, the Mt. Nagpatong location became the accepted site after the remains said to be of Andres Bonifacio's (or his brother's) was discovered in its vicinity in 1918. However, some historians refute this claim due to the lack of forensic evidence and also the missing remains of his brother. Despite the controversies, the said remains were still brought to the National Library and Museum the same year passed of as an authentic historical artifact of Andres Bonifacio. Sadly, the remains were destroyed (some say stolen) during the Battle of Manila in 1945. 
A view from the top
The shrine as seen from the "pride rock"
A shrine, complete with a historical marker was erected in 1995. It was later improved and became an eco-tourism park. Going back to the topic about the mountain, Mt. Nagpatong's peak is just a mere 3-minute hike from the shrine. It is an almost effortless hike, minus the part near the clearing on the peak which is a bit steep.
Looking for a passage to get to the top of the mountain

The entrance is near one of the grottoes. Just look for a barbed wire gate. (It would be a challenge though)
IUpon finding the entrance it would then a very easy trek
The path near the top
Upon reaching the peak, you'd be greeted by shrubs and a pathway leading to an area I dub as the "pride rock". The "pride rock" has a commanding view of the shrine below and also some other peaks of the mountain range. The is nothing much to do on the peak, but just admire the beauty of the mountain's surroundings. However, you'd be disappointed to see a quarry site a few kilometers away from the mountain.
The Bonifacio Shrine
Overall, it is not the trek that would give you the challenge but actually getting to its jump off point. You have to head first to the municipal hall of Maragondon and coordinate with its tourism officer. He has the key to the (usually) locked gate leading to the shrine. However, the good thing about going to Mt. Nagpatong is the rough road that allows vehicles to bring trekkers up to the shrine. 
The flag on the peak
The flag as seen from below

Mountain details:
Height: 100 m
Major trailhead: Bonifacio Execution Site /Eco-Tourism Park
Climb time: 3 minutes from the park
Standing on the "pride rock"

Getting there:

From Manila, ride a bus going to the town of Maragondon. Once in the town, coordinate with the tourism officers before heading to the jump off point. You can rent a trike going there. The trike will also bring you back to the town after your adventure.
Jump off point
(Including Tour of Maragondon Town)

6:00AM Departure from Manila to Maragondon 
7:30AM Arrival at Maragondon
Maragondon Church

7:35AM Visit the historic Maragondon Church
7:50AM Register at Municipal Hall. Secure a guide.
8:00AM Ride a trike to jump-off point -Bonifacio Execution Site/ Eco-Park
9:00AM Arrival at jump-off point/ Start trek
9:10AM Summit, documentation
9:40AM Descent/ documentation of Bonifacio Shrine
10:00AM Head back to town
11:00AM Arrival at town
Bonifacio Trial House

11:10AM Visit the Bonifacio Trial House
12:00NN Lunch
1:00PM Bus ride home

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