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Quezon: The PaRK

Located in the town of Real in the province of Quezon, The Pacific Recreation Kamp or simply The PaRK is a beach resort slash recreation camp.

PaRK is a place where families or barkadas usually go when they feel like they want to bond. Like what its longer name suggests. this place offers visitors a chance to have picnics, recreation, and kamp (the owner is probably German or he/she wanted it really badly to abbreviate it to the word park.) 
All aboard!!!
Training mode!
Speaking of the three words that I have mentioned, let's talk first about picnics... PaRK has several huts with tables perfect for the said activity. If you want to spread a blanket, you may do so on its wide grounds. Just a piece of advice though, don't leave your food unattended due to the fact that there are plenty of dogs loitering about in the vicinity.
Read first before surfing

Next up, let's talk about (c)kamping. Like what I have said, there is a wide area in PaRK to pitch in your tents but then again I already warned you about the dogs. Better keep your tent closed at all times though. 
You can surf on that log
Surf's up!
Now, I intentionally left recreation the last because for me, that is where PaRK actually excels. Real might not have white sand beaches or snorkel perfect waters that you'd want your beaches to be but PaRK has something that improves that -surfing.
Some calm area near The ParK
look ma! No hands!
They offer surfing lessons to surfer wannabes and surfboard rentals to the forgetful pros. For the newbies, they'd show you first a forgettable video on a phone (I hope they already changed this style of instruction). Then show you how to surf on dry land but wait til you hit the beach, the patient surfer instructors would surely pass their surfer aura on you. 
Waves that are good enough for beginners
Here's how it's done!

Overall, PaRK may have some things to improve on but it is still a great place to go to, especially for those who only have the weekends to spare.

Getting there:

Ride a Raymond Bus in its terminal in Sampaloc Manila going to Infanta, Quezon. These buses pass Real, Quezon. Tell the conductor to drop you off the Pacific Recreation Kamp or ParK it is before the town of Real. If in case you missed it, board down at the town proper and ride a jeepney or tricycle that would bring you to the resort.

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  1. A distance away from this resort along the highway of Real was where I saw a ghostly apparition. I was booked at the resort that day and tried to catch a late afternoon jeepney ride but failed, so I just walked to the nearest dampa. On my way there was when I saw the ghost of a kid that chased me on the highway. It was around 6:00pm.

    1. Wow! That's one creepy story to tell. Thank goodness we didn't experience that!

  2. seryoso ba yan????? papunta ako later 6pm with my friends. jesus!

    1. Oo naman. I hope maganda ang alon when you visit later. Summer kasi ang best time to visit dito pati BER months.


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