Bataan: Hermosa Church

Located in the town of Hermosa in the province of Bataan, Hermosa Church is one of the several Spanish-era churches of the province. 
Saint Peter of Verona Parish Church

Built in 1717, Hermosa Church is also known as Saint Peter of Verona Parish Church. Like most old churches built in the country in the 16th century, Hermosa Church was first built using wood, so it's not surprising that this church was burnt down and destroyed by fire several times. 
Hermosa Church
Walking inside the church
Church stoup
Hermosa Church
Church interior
The main altar
The beautiful retabulo
When it was rebuilt using stone, its facade was styled into a Baroque architectural design common to the old churches back then. Since that time, Hermosa Church has undergone several renovation and restoration jobs to preserve its beauty from the ravages of time. 
Pilgrims inside the church
As part of history, Hermosa Church became the provincial chapter of the Dominicans after the British conquered Manila. The church also saw the Japanese Imperial Army marching thru the town during World War 2. It probably also witnessed how thousands of Filipino and American Prisoners of War (POW) marched thru the town of their way to Camp O' Donnell in Tarlac during the infamous Death March. Despite being part of the dark times in Philippines history, I could safely say that Hermosa Church had been the spiritual refuge of generations of Filipinos living near it.

Hermosa Church was the first church that my family and I visited during our Bataan-Tarlac Visita Iglesia. What I liked about the church was its beautiful interior particularly its three-tiered golden retabulo. It features statues and paintings of several saints of the Catholic Faith including the town's patron Saint Peter of Verona.

Getting there:

From the Bataan Transit Terminal in Cubao, ride a bus going or passing Hermosa. The fare ranges from P106-P150. You won't miss the church because it's just at the side of the road.

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