Food Trip: Veras' Ice Cream

It is a fact that most, if not all of the municipalities or cities in the Philippines prides itself with dishes or delicacies that it calls its own. On the other hand there are also some which prides itself with a superior version of a common dish or delicacy.

One example of this superior version of a common food is found in the municipality of Atimonan in the province of Quezon. The local ice cream produced by Veras' Ice Cream is said and believed to be the best not only Atimonan but also in the whole of Quezon.
Mang Ente and his cool wife Madam Emma
Mang Ente giving me a demo on how to make ice creams

Veras' Ice Cream was founded in 1968 by Vicente Verasigue or Mang Ente, as he was fondly called by the locals, (Guess where the ice cream name came from)  who got the idea and passion of making ice creams from his older brother. On the first years in the business, Mang Ente used the manual ice cream making machinery. Afterwards he would personally peddle his product around town. Later on Mang Ente acquired an electric ice cream maker and a small fleet of ice cream carts for his business. Despite of this he is still very hands on in managing his enterprise.
Free taste: Chocolate and cheese mais

Best seller: Cheese
Veras' Ice Cream started with only a handful of flavors like:

  • cheese
  • cheese mais
  • chocolate
Later on Mang Ente's creativity and willingness to learn from failures expanded the available flavors which includes:

  • cookies and cream
  • ube
  • rocky road
  • mango
  • avocado
  • guyabano
  • cheese mango
  • pineapple
  • buko pandan
  • langka
  • mocha
  • strawberry
  • atis
  • pistacchios and Ferrero Rocher
  • cashew

Cheese Mango
Pistacchios and Ferrero Rocher

Special thanks to Emerson Lavilla Verastigue for the ice cream photos.

Some of these flavors are seasonal though and are only made when the ingredients are available.
Adding ice with salt to preserve the ice cream

Transferring the mixed ice cream to its unique container

Ready for delivery
I got to taste the cheese mais during my interview with Mang Ente and his wife Madam Emma, and I have to attest that their ice cream is really superior to other ice creams that I have tasted before. Once you put it in your mouth, the richness of its flavor would explode in it (figuratively of course). Aside from that, its texture is similar to those of the expensive foreign ice creams which melts dramatically without the "crushed ice feel".  

Of course I had to try mixing it for myself
I also interviewed some long time patrons about what they love about Vera's Ice Cream and all of them would always point out consistency. They said that the ice cream that they first tasted when they were young\ still remained the same in all aspects decades later.

These are probably just a few reasons why until now, Veras' Ice Cream remains to be the one true love of the Atimonanins.

Contact No. : 3165191
Business Address: 1378 Regino Diaz Street Atimonan, Quezon

  • 1 Gallon: P450*
  • Cheese mango: P500
  • Special Rocky Road: P600
Vendor Rates:
  • Sugar cone : P10 
  • Waffer cone: P5
* Bring your own ingredients is accepted


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