Palawan: Hidden Beach

Located in the northwestern side of Matinloc Island in El Nido in the province of Palawan, Hidden Beach is part of Tour C of the El Nido Island Hopping Tours. 

Hidden Beach, unlike Secret Beach, is not really hidden. It is found in-between towering karst formations of the said island and there is no crawling through a hole activity involved. 
What makes Hidden Beach unique is the fact that despite you having to swim deep waters (and sometimes rough seas), you'd suddenly find yourself in calm shallow waters once you are a few meters away from the beach. The beach, like most beaches in El Nido, has white sand. 
Perfect for pirates to hide their loot...
and perfect for snorkeling too

What surprises me (literally) are the territorial fishes that live under the rocks of the shallow waters in front of the beach, They aggressively peck on your foot if you get too near to their homes. Visitors should be careful though, I have seen several sea anemones with their sharp needles protruding beside some rocks. Aside from these sea creatures, you'd see plenty of other fishes and sea plants in the area and your eyes would surely feast on the colorful underwater world of Hidden Beach.

You'll love splashing around its pristine waters

According to our boatman, if you visit during the high tide of the ber-months, stingless jellyfishes freely roam in the shallow area of Hidden Beach. However, the water during this time is deep enough for you to swim with the multitude of stingless jellyfishes.  

You can rest on the shade provided by the towering karst stones

I got to visit Hidden Beach during our combination Tour of El Nido. It was our third to the last destination on the said tour. 
Be careful with the sea anemones

A relaxing sight indeed

Overall, I was fantasizing of camping in Hidden Beach, just to see how it is like to stay there for a night. Anyway don't miss it if you are going to El Nido, like all the destinations in the Island Hopping Tours, this one too is a must visit.

Getting there:

From Puerto Princesa City, ride a van heading to the town of El Nido. From there you can inquire about the island hopping tours from the multitude of tour service providers in the town. Avail TOUR C.

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