Palawan: 7 Commandos Beach

Located in El Nido in the province of Palawan, 7 Commandos Beach is a beautiful beach destination that is part of Tour A of the El Nido Island Hopping Tour.
If you're wondering about the origin of its name, so did I... Due to my burning passion to find out the origin of things, I asked our boatman about where the name 7 Commandos Beach came from. However, (no offense)his answer is doesn't have the drama that I expected. He told me that it was named by the owner who was a fanboy of anything military. So what I did was search the internet for more of the dramatic backstory that is worth blogging.
Boat brings visitors to this beautiful beach

Summer is always the best time to visit

Beyond that "mountain" is the town of El Nido 

Check out that view!

Rest in one of the nipa huts available...
There were several stories in the net but the backstory that stuck was from a Palawena blogger who asked a different boatman about the origin of the name 7 Commandos. According to her story, a huge fishing vessel once got stranded in the waters of El Nido. After 3 days of waiting for rescue, the crew decided to look for an island to call their temporary home. Apparently, they found themselves in what we call now as 7 Commandos Beach (which is apparently not an island). They eventually stayed there for three months until their boat was repaired or rescue arrived (whatever came first). After they abandoned the beach, the locals then rediscovered it and found a vandalism on a huge rock that said "Seven Commandos" and then they named the beach after that...
7 Commando Beach is not an island...

Despite having a "better" backstory than what was told by my boatman, this story is plagued with plot holes that brought more questions than answers. Here are some of them:

  1. If they managed to reach 7 Commandos (probably by paddling) didn't they try to paddle to other places to look for help?
  2. How come they missed the town of El Nido which was just a few kilometers away from the beach?
  3. Was the huge fishing boat made of metal or wood? 
  4. If metal, why didn't they radio for help since it's a modern boat?
  5. If wood, what country did the boatmen come from and where did they get the word "Commando" since big fishing boats could only come from China, India, and Spain during the olden times?
  6. Why didn't the locals discover the beach before?
  7. Who fixed the boat or rescued them?
  8. Last but not the least, who on earth knew that there were stranded fishermen on that beach and that they were stranded for 3 months? A vandalism wouldn't surely explain that.
Fine sand, clean waters
I got to visit 7 Commandos Beach with my family as part of our Tour A and C combination tour. It was the last destination that we have visited. What I liked about the beach is that it has a buko juice and banana-cue store which seems to have been setup just in case another group of stranded fishermen paddles their way to the beach again. On the other hand, what I hated about it was its expensive pricing (yet despite of this we still bought).

Overall, 7 Commandos Beach is a perfect place to visit if you want to simply stay in a kubo and look at the sea. 

Getting there:

From Puerto Princesa City, ride a van going to El Nido. Once there, avail of the Tour A island hopping tour. 7 Commandos Beach is one of the highlights of that tour.
Almost there!

Overall rating


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