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Mt. Province: Sagada Pottery

Located in the town of Sagada in Mt. Province, Sagada Pottery is one of the destinations to visit if you are looking forward to experience the traditional pottery industry of the Sagada.

Famously known as Sagada Pottery, it is actually a workshop and a gallery of the great pottery artisans of Sagada. First time visitors would be shocked to find out that the workshop/ gallery is housed in a small almost run-down house few meters away from Sagada-Besao Road. 
As seen from the outside of the workshop
It's not only pots... there are mugs too
Check these out!

However, this is probably where the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." is highly applicable. Why? Because after you get turned off with the facade of Sagada Pottery, you would suddenly find yourself amazed with the treasure trove of numerous skillfully crafted pots in the gallery.
different kinds of pottery on display

One of the pottery artisan showing us how it is done

The artisan showing us the made product

Check out this super small pot!

The amazement does not end there though, a few more steps would lead you to the workshop. There, an artisan will demonstrate how a master makes the pots. With a price of just P100, you can create your own pot while being guided by the master. Sadly, you won't be able to bring the pot home due to the fact that it needs to be dried and decorated.

Yup that's the workshop

If you really want to bring home a souvenir, you can buy a pot from the displays in the gallery. Price ranges from P200+ to more than a thousand Pesos. 

Overall, despite the not so appealing infrastructure housing the workshop and the gallery, I still suggest that you visit Sagada Pottery and if you can, bring one of the pots home in support of this local industry.

Getting there:

From Manila, you can reach Sagada by going to Baguio first and transferring to a bus going to Sagada. Once there, ride a jeepney that plies to the Sagada-Besao Road. Tell the driver to drop you off Sagada Pottery. 

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