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Food Trip: Laksa

A foreign trip would not be complete without trying out local dishes. That's why I did not miss the chance to taste one of the well known dishes in Singapore called the laksa.

The laksa that I ate in Singapore is a spicy noodle soup that has reddish soup based on curry mixed with coconut milk. The Singaporeans believed that the origins of their laksa (also called the "katong" locally) came through the interaction between the Peranakans and the Singaporeans. Although it's a popular dish in Singapore, the laksa has different varieties in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The most popular of these are the Asam laksa, Sarawak laksa, and the Curry laksa. I would love to write about each variant of laksa but since I only tasted the laksa in Singapore, I would focus only on that variant.
Time to examine the laksa! 
Mix it to check out its ingredients

Singapore's laksa is a variant of the Curry laksa. This laksa is the most common type of laksa sold in the country (as far as I know). It has curry-like soup with coconut milk. Its typical ingeredients include, bean sprouts, bean curd puff, slices of fish cake, prawn or chicken and sometimes a hard-boiled egg is also included. Its noodles can be thick or thin rice vermicelli but most of the laksa that I have seen during my trip including the one that I bought used the thick one. 
Checking out its noodles
Checking out its soup

The laksa was the first local dish that I have tasted in Singapore  (the Mcdonald's pancake is not counted) during my 2017 Singapore- Malaysia trip with the family. I bought my first laksa in Kopitiam which is a food court in Hougang 1 mall.  While the taste was superb, the dish was quite pricey (SG$4 is already quite expensive for me hahaha) probably because I bought in the mall. Later on, I would encounter cheaper ones in the hawker centers like the CJ Yuan Hawker Center. So here's my tip... if you plan to try out any local dish in Singapore, head out to any hawker center near you. Usually, the price of the food there is way cheaper than the ones in the mall. 
nom nom nom!

Overall, I would say that the laksa is a must try dish in Singapore. 


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