Singapore: Siloso Beach

Located in the Southwest  part of Sentosa Island in Singapore, Siloso Beach is one of the three beautiful beaches of the island (no pun intended). It is also the largest of the three.

Siloso Beach is a white sand beach that stretches almost a kilometer. It is perfect for outdoor activities like beach volleyball and sand castle building. Visitors can also swim in the waters but there are some things that might pose a risk to the health of those who does like oil from ships, broken glass, and even jellyfishes.
Welcome to Siloso Beach
The beach is super clean
These foreigners enjoyed a stroll at high noon
Check out those islets
As seen from the "secret part" of Siloso Beach
As seen from the Sentosa Cable Car

Siloso Beach is the beachfront of Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. It is also a few meters walk from the Siloso Point Station of the Sentosa Cable Car line and the Fort Siloso Sky Walk. 
The Rasa Sentosa Resort is nearest the beach
Look who passed by... It's Mrs. Peacock

There are three C-shaped islets that front the beachhead. One of these serves as the end point of the zipline of Mega Adventure. These islets protect the beach from the waves and currents that tends to bring in trash and oil to the beach. 
Kindly read first before swimming
As seen from Fort Siloso Skywalk

I got to visit Siloso Beach with my family during our 2017 Singapore-Malaysia tour. We went there not to swim nor do the mentioned outdoor activities but to take a nap (and of course go sightseeing). Yup that's right! Funny as it may sound, we arrived at Siloso Beach at noon and my 4-year old daughter was tired from walking from touring. Lucky for us, there was a "hidden" area at the westernmost part of the beach. This place has a bench facing the cargo shipes docked sea and behind it was a beautiful panoramic view of Siloso Beach. The shade of the trees and the cool breeze of the sea sure does helped us relax when we were there. 

The panoramic view of the beach
Special thanks to the bench in the "secret spot" hahahaha

Selfie yeah!

Overall, given a chance, I would want to take my daughter for a dip in the calm waters of Siloso Beach. I know my daughter would love that experience. Plus, its one of the few good beaches of Singapore so it's a must try.

Getting there:

From the Changi Airport, ride a the East West MRT line going to Tanah Merah Station. From there transfer to  Outram Park Station in the North East line. Board down at Harbour Front Station and walk 2 minutes to Vivocity. 

Go up to the 3rd level and take the Sentosa Express and alight at the Beach station. From there the beach is a few meters away.

Overall rating


  1. sometimes it is so relaxing to go to a beach that is quiet yet pretty and very near to the central location , i think this beach fits that bill perfectly

    1. That's true. It's like a perfect getaway from the busy Singaporean commercial centers.

  2. Siloso Beach looks beautiful. I am actually planning to go to Singapore this year. And I thought I had done all my research and formed a perfect itinerary. How wrong I was!! I now need to include Siloso Beach in my itinerary :)

    1. I would love to see photos of that adventure someday. =)

  3. Nice photo tour of a beautiful beach. Thanks for introducing this new place to me.

  4. Siloso Beach is such a summer destination... Peacocks are even freely roaming there!

    I got your point, beach isn't only for swimming. Even me, I love to go to the beach just to unwind, enjoy the views and nature.

    1. Hahaha. Same here...
      However, you can still swim (at your own risk).

  5. I've always thought Singapore is nothing but cities. I never knew about this beach until now. At least there's a place to breathe by the sea even in a landlocked city.

    1. That's right Sam. =) That's what I believed in too before I visited Singapore.

  6. The description of Siloso beach reminds me of Neil island in Andaman and Nicobar islands of India. I guess a blogger has done a good job if the blog makes the reader nostalgic and remember good times! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ambuj.
      I googled the places that you mentioned and found out that these places are truly amazing. =)

  7. I went to Siloso beach long ago. Singapore beaches are always clean.But the speciality of Siloso beach is the diversity of activities it offers people

    1. I have to agree to that. =) I honestly miss Siloso Beach. I hope I have spent time discovering it more.


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