Singapore: Fort Siloso

Located in the western side of Sentosa Island in Singapore, Fort Siloso is the restored renmnant of the once formidable British coastal artillery fort. 

Fort Siloso got its name from the Malay word "siloso" which means rock. It was due to the fact that the fort was built in the 1880s on top of Mt. Siloso (a huge rock) that was like a sentry guarding the passageway to Singapore Harbour.
This way!
Here are some of the guns of Fort Siloso:
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Load that cannon quick!

The fort was once manned by the British Royal Artillery and the Singapore Artillery Corps. From 1880s to the 1930s the fort armaments were constantly improved. It once had 7-inch guns, 64 pounder guns, 10-inch guns, 6-pounders, quick-firing anti-torpedo guns, machine gun nests, and Lewis anti-aircraft machine guns. The fort was also equiped with five searchlights and an Operational Tower. Sadly, these proved no match for the Japanese war machine that swept through Southeast Asia during the Second World War.
Discover the three zones of Fort Siloso
Here's what's happening underground

Those British soldiers are quite busy looking for the enemy.

Fort Siloso was eventually turned into a prisoner-of-war (POW) camp by the Japanese until 1945 when the Royal Navy reoccupied it after the surrender of the Japanese. The fort was then handed to the Singaporean Government in 1967. It was then converted into a military museum in 1974. Other coastal guns from different parts of the country was then brought in to be part of its gun displays. 
Try reading the history board panels if you have plenty of time

When we visited Fort Siloso during our 2017 Singapore -Malaysia tour, the fort was being improved. The bunkers were being installed with lights and sounds displays and the guns were newly painted. Entrance to the fort was also free.

Overall, Fort Siloso coupled with the Skywalk is a must visit destination of Sentosa Island. I believe that once the upgrades are installed and renovations are done, Fort Siloso would be another top destination of the country.

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