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Batangas: Sta. Lucia Well

Located in Taal in the province of Batangas, Sta. Lucia Well is a pilgrimage site that is said to contain miraculous healing waters.

According to oral and written accounts, the present location of the well was said to be the place where the Virgin Mary performed miracles. It was said that she endowed the spring water there with healing powers. These stories date back to the Spanish colonial era, where it was also said that the Virgin Mary would often show herself to pilgrims by appearing as a reflection in the spring. These miracles were written and reported in the accounts of several Spanish priests of Taal.

I spy a Marian Image

Here's the well

Let's take a closer look.

Due to the influx of pilgrims (and probably due to their donations), a beautifully carved stone arch was constructed over the spring to give it a more aesthetic look. The spring was then named Ang Balon ng Sta. Lucia or Sta. Lucia Well. This stone arch can still be seen today (although parts of it were covered with vegetation already.

Today, Sta. Lucia Well is known as a sacred site and is visited by numerous pilgrims who collect its "healing waters" in the belief that drinking it would cure them or their loved ones of their illness or ailments. I got to visit Sta. Lucia Well during the Outbound Educational Trip of our school and sadly I was not able to get (nor taste) its "healing waters". I was there as a mere observer/tourist instead. I was expecting a cemented road leading to it but was shocked to discover that most of the pathway leading to the well was still not cemented despite it being a well known and much-visited pilgrimage site in the town. Aside from that, there are also a lot of dogs (chained and free roaming) loitering near the path.  Their incessant barking would surely ruin your trip.
This is where I passed through during my visit
The entrance
The old arch from a distance
Here's another pathway to the well

Another issue of pilgrims is the lack of (in not too few) signs that point out to where the well is. First timers will surely be lost if they won't ask locals about its location because the "entrance" to the pathway can be found in the near mid-section of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps which looks like a typical alleyway. In some cases this causes some solo pilgrims to lose heart in going to the well particularly the women. Regardless of this, Sta. Lucia well is still a must-visit place in Taal.

Getting there:

From Pasay City, ride a bus or van bound to Lemery, Batangas. Tell the conductor or driver to drop you off at the Taal-Lemery Bypass Junction. From there transfer to a tricycle and tell its driver to bring you to the Our Lady of Caysasay Church. Go inside it and exit going to its back. follow the path going to the San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps and "look" for the "entrance path" to the well (you can ask the locals if you can't find it). Walk for about 100 -200 meters until you see the beautiful arch. 

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