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Batangas: Marcela Agoncillo Museum

Located beside Calle Marcela Marino Agoncillo in the town of Taal in Batangas, Marcela Agoncillo Museum is the ancestral house of the principal seamstress of the first Philippine Flag.

The Marcela Agoncillo Museum / ancestral house is a bahay na bato  built sometime around the 1780s and is one of the oldest houses in Taal. The house was built by Dona Marcela's grandfather, Don Andres Marino. Dona Marcela inherited the house after the death of her grandfather and she chose to live in the house even after being married in 1889 to Felipe Agoncillo who would later on become known as the "First Filipino Diplomat".

The ownership of the house was then passed on to the children of Dona Marcela after she passed away on May 30, 1946. Then on July 6, 1980, the children of Dona Marcela and Don Felipe, Gregoria and Marcela (named after her mother), donated the ancestral house and its furniture and family memorabilia to the government. The house was then converted into a museum and is p…

Manila: Manila Cathedral

Located at Plaza de Roma, inside the walled city (district) of Intramuros in Manila, Manila Cathedral is currently one of the two Spanish Colonial era churches found in Intramuros. It also serves as the see of the Archbishop of Manila. 

Informally known and called as Manila Cathedral, it is actually named Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Like what the name suggests, the cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was established sometime in 1571 by a secular priest named Juan de Vivero. 

In its centuries of existence, Manila Cathedral has been damaged, destroyed and rebuilt eight times. The first structure was built using nipa, wood, and bamboo. It was destroyed by fire in 1583. The second cathedral was built using stone in 1592 but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1600. The third cathedral was built in 1614 but was destroyed again by an earthquake in 1645 same as the fourth cathedral that was built from 1654 and lasted until 1671 and al…

Laguna: Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant

Located at barangay Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant is a rustic restaurant that offers visitors a memorable dining and lodging experience.

Sulyap is a Filipino word that means "to take a peak or quick look". Like what its name suggests, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant offers visitors to take a peak at how life was during the Spanish colonial era. For me, there are three "sulyap experiences" worth noting when visiting this place.

First, is the  food, second is the lodging, and lastly are the museum displays. Yes! You read that right. Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant does not only offer dining and lodging experiences, it also has a museum that one can tour around.

The Sulyap Museum is found near the restaurant. It occupies the ground floor of the former Southern Luzon Colleges. At first glance, the museum facade looks more like a haunted house than a museum but once you enter it, you'd marvel at t…

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