Laguna: Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant

Located at barangay Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant is a rustic restaurant that offers visitors a memorable dining and lodging experience.
main building, Sulyap Cafe

Sulyap is a Filipino word that means "to take a peak or quick look". Like what its name suggests, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant offers visitors to take a peak at how life was during the Spanish colonial era. For me, there are three "sulyap experiences" worth noting when visiting this place.

Sulyap arch
Entrance to the garden

Sulyap Garden
The garden and the pathway going to the pool

Sulyap pool
The pool

First, is the  food, second is the lodging, and lastly are the museum displays. Yes! You read that right. Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant does not only offer dining and lodging experiences, it also has a museum that one can tour around.
Southern Luzon Colleges
Entrance to Sulyap Museum

The Sulyap Museum is found near the restaurant. It occupies the ground floor of the former Southern Luzon Colleges. At first glance, the museum facade looks more like a haunted house than a museum but once you enter it, you'd marvel at the huge collection of antiques that the owner collected. Some of which might probably be more than a hundred years old.

Here are pictures of the displays inside the museum:
Sulyap Museum
Here's what you see once you enter the museum

Old baskets and water containers
Old baskets and water containers

Antique lamps

antique serving pot and decanter
Antique decanter and serving pot
Antique saints and chairs
This room contains a lot of antique chairs, tables and saints
Antique saints
Some of the antique saints
antique saints
Some more antique saints

antique figurines
Other antique religious figurines
old tables and chairs
more antique saints and tables

antique porcelain
A giant antique porcelain dish
antique rocking horses
One of the rooms with creepy rocking horses and cabinets
antique stuff
Another room with antique sewing machines and displays
old pots
Antique chests and antique pots (and is that an antique bong?)

antique cabinets
The creepy antique cabinets
scary cabinet, third eye, spirits
One of the fathers with a third eye in the group felt a presence in one of these cabinets. 

old office stuff
Antique typewriter and office stuff

Some bronze looking antique pitcher
old gas lamps
Old gas lamps of different shapes and sizes
The hallway with a lot of antique displays on both side
old viewing glass
You have a problem reading small words? Then use this out.

oh deer
What you looking at Bub?

Old flashlight
An old wine opener and the olden flashlight

Museum opens at 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Viewing rates:
Adults: 100 pax
Children: P100 pax for 12 years old and above and P50 for those who are 11 years old and younger.

Now speaking of lodging, there are two boutique hotels in the vicinity to choose from unless you'd want to sleep inside the museum (Just kidding).

The first one is the Casa de Alitagtag Bed and Breakfast Boutique Hotel
Casa Alitagtag
Casa Alitagtag
Casa Alitagtag room
One of the rooms of Casa Alitagtag
Casa Alitagtag as seen from the restaurant

P5,800 - 4 guests with breakfast
P5,100 - 4 guests without breakfast
extra bed is P1000

The second one is the Casa de Obando Bed and Breakfast Boutique Hotel.
Casa de Obando
Casa De Obando


P2,900 - Double occupancy with breakfast
P2,550 - Double occupancy without breakfast

2nd Floor:
P3,400 - Double occupancy with breakfast
P3,050 - Double occupancy without breakfast

P2,200 - Single occupancy with breakfast
P2,025 - Single occupancy without breakfast


  • Food served for breakfast is the Sulyap's Traditional Filipino Breakfast (generous serving)
  • No smoking in all rooms
  • Accepts walk in guests 24/7
  • Check in time: 12NN Check out time 12NN
  • prices are subject to change without notice
Well I'd say that this one is my favorite of all them dishes
Now for the food...Sulyap Gallery cafe & Breakfast offers traditional Filipino food. I don't have photos of each dish but I can assure you that they serve food of gastronomic wonders. they also give out generous servings. I particularly enjoyed the lechon kawali

You may call the following numbers for inquiries and reservations:
šŸ“±0920-951-9185 or 0917-596-8760
☎ 5629 - 735 or 5629-740

I got to visit Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant last November 25 when I was invited by the dads of my students for their annual Father and Son Camping.

Dining area
Enjoy dining!

Overall, I enjoyed the rustic feel of the place and of course the food. Given the chance, I'd comeback and try out an overnight stay in one of the Casas. I highly suggest that you do too when you visit.

Getting there:

From Manila, ride a bus going to Lucena City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at 711 in San Pablo City. From there you can ride a tricycle to Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant.

Overall rating


  1. Wow... the place looks so amazing.. loved the ambience of the restaurant, so green and lush, also the concept of museum is wonderful. thanks for sharing

  2. Really like the look and feel of the Gallery cafe restaurant. No wonder the name, Sulyap totally suits it. The path to the pool and cafe looks so welcoming! Would love to visit it on my next trip to Phillipines! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so comprehensive...great information! It's interesting to see how they tied the food, lodging and museum all together too. Looks yummy!

  4. such a interesting gesture by the owners of Sulyap to incorporate a museum within the premises , reminded me of a similar set up in India in the state of Goa . Lovely article , well presented and content

    1. Would love to see and blog about that place in Goa. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I find the point of colonial history as a culturally eroding influence. I'd love to know more about Filipino culture before the colonials came, invaded and infused their culture. Sadly a lot of narrative and history has been re-written to have more of the colonial stories! The place you have shown us is beautiful. I'd love if a hotel has a musuem and culture!

    1. I have to agree with you. The colonial history had really covered up and nearly destroyed the Filipino culture. Luckily, there are still some places in the Philippines that were left untouched by the Spanish.

  6. I love antique and old houses so these are treats to my eyes! Impressive how the owners managed to keep these antiques. I specially like the ceiling lights and the old wine opener haha. I remember this antique fridge in Casa Manila which is just made of ol wood (no electricity). And according to the guide, Filipinos used to import ice from the US and just put the ice under the “fridge”. It’s so cool to learn how old generations live :)

    1. I have yet to visit Casa Manila. I'm a lover of history too. I will add that place to my to visit list. Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

  7. Food, lodging and museum display all in one place really make the place stand out. I like the rustic and the earthy looks all around this place. And the greenery as well. The pool looks relaxing and the museum full of history. The antiques are worth a visit for sure.

    1. Same here. It's quite a unique mix. Antique lovers and history buffs would surely have a great time here. =)

  8. I think that is unique that a restaurant houses a museum. I am glad they have put their collection on display. Those antiques are priceless. It is sad to know that colonial history had really covered up and nearly destroyed the Filipino culture.

    1. That's true Indrani. Our culture has been a mix mash of different cultures particularly the Spanish, American, and Japanese. It is quite hard to identify the original Filipino culture nowadays.

  9. A photos of cafes like this make me feel so nostalgic - in a very positive way. I can fondly recall my weekends spent with family when I was still in the Philippines. Laguna, Batangas, and Cavite are nearby provinces, so we made it a point to comb these areas for new restaurants and cafes. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing Rye.
      Memories are the best thing to give to people we love.
      I'm also trying to incorporate that to my family now as I want my daughter to have a lot of memories with me while I'm young.

  10. Sulyap looks like a lovely place. The idea to incorporate a museum within the premises is a great one, and such well equipped museum this is. Thanks for sharing. Reminded me a little of "Papaya Vintage House" in Bangkok :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will surely check out the Papaya Vintage House if I get the chance to visit Thailand. =)


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