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Ilocos Sur: Hidden Garden of Vigan

Located in Vigan City in the province of Ilocos Sur, Hidden Garden of Vigan is a place where nature, history, and food meet. It is also a place of love. You'd find out why as you continue reading.

The Hidden Garden of Vigan, despite the name, is not really hidden. It is found in the heart of Vigan City and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. It probably got its name from the large backyard garden that is hidden from those who are walking in Katipunan Street in front of it. 
The renovated entrance as of 2017
Some souvenirs sold near the entrance

Check out if your photo is included here

I do hope I won't dig any holes here
The plants collection
Different kinds of herbs (The colonel would surely be jealous)
Bonsai Collection

Hidden Garden of Vigan or simply Hidden Garden started out as a personal garden of retired engineer Francis Flores whose surname perfectly suits his passion for plants (Flores is Spanish for flowers). Eventually, with the garden becoming popular, he opened it to the public in 1991 and since then it has been part of the tourist destinations of Vigan City. 

Massage anyone?

Don't sit here... it's dangerous (the plant might secrete poisonous sap)

Miley got her inspiration for twerking when she visited Hidden Garden

Now going back to the "It is a place of love" line, Hidden Garden encourages visitors to love nature. There are numerous ornamental plants that are for sale here, perfect for those who are planning to start their own gardens. Check out the photos of some of the plants for sale:

Here are the places to donate:
A lot of families will be surely benefiting from your donations

The coins thrown in the pond would also go to charity
Same goes to the coins in this wishing well

Aside from loving nature, the place also encourages its visitors to love one another. Examples of these are the "donation corners" located near the entrance and at the shrine. The money donated here goes out to communities that are supported by Hidden Garden. There is also an area in the garden called Lover's Corner where couples can take souvenir photos and publicly show off their sweetness. 

The Lover's Corner almost a decade ago
The present Lover's Corner
Hidden Garden 2017

Hidden Garden is also a place for food lovers. It has a restaurant inside its vicinity that offers Ilokano dishes, something worth trying out. Check out the photos of the menu and some of the food we ordered below:
Hidden Garden is also a perfect place to eat for lovers

Ready to eat. 
Even the tables and chairs are nature inspired
The warek warek and igado are worth ordering

Don't miss out the bagnet too
here's the poqui poqui
and the warek warek
Bagnet Sisig


I got to visit Hidden Garden of Vigan twice already. The first one was way back in 2011 and the last was in 2017. The place had a lot of improvement since then. Just a bit of a side note, this place was one of the first places my then girlfriend and I visited on our first year as a couple. It is fun to think that I revisited it again more than half a decade later but this time, my then GF is now my wife, not to mention we have a daughter now). How time really flies...
Would surely come back someday...

Overall, if you have not  visited Hidden Garden yet. It is high time that you discover it for yourself when your wandering feet brings you to Vigan. 

Getting there:

From Cubao, ride a bus going to Vigan City. Once there, transfer to a tricycle which will bring you directly to Hidden Garden. If you want a bit of drama, you can ride a kalesa instead. 

Overall rating


  1. It looks a bit different now from the time that I visited it in 2013 but it's still as beautiful. I remember there's a wishing well there and I made a wish, didn't come true haha... I call it as a not-so-hidden garden, it was part of our itinerary in our Ilocos trip. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Ilocos.

    1. Hahaha maybe it will come true after a few more years. hahaha. Yup it is actually a not-so-hidden garden but definitely a must visit destination in Vigan.

  2. This place is really nice and it is good that the owner made the access possible for all. Specially the food items seem so tasty.

  3. the place definitely looks interesting and i am think about the efforts put in by Mr Francis without whom this would not have been possible at all ... the pics are a pleasure to see and am sure you would have related to the place in your second visit even more than the first one

  4. Never been to Ilocos but I heard a lot of good things about the place. It is good to discover new places like this. Maybe when I have the chance to visit Ilocos, I might consider this place! Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. You should visit this place Roneth. =) You would surely enjoy it.


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