Mt. Province: Sumaguing Cave

Located in Sagada in the province of Mountain Province, Sumaguing Cave is one of the main highlights and most visited part of the tourism sector of the town.

Locals would say that you have never truly "visited" Sagada if you have not seen two things. First, are the Hanging Coffins and second is Sumaguing Cave.
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Follow the trail
Are you ready to go down?
Careful as the steps are sometimes slippery

Sumaguing Cave is just one of the more or less 60 caves around Sagada. Its popularity comes from the fact that it offers visitors adrenaline filled activities or let's say adventures.
A bit of orientation before we go deeper
Going deeper

However, first things first, to visit the cave, one must enlist the services of a trained local guide (never try to go in the cave alone). The local guides are there to literally keep your ass safe and to also literally light up you way. The cave is open all year round with the exception of bad weather. The guides can start touring you in the cave as early as 4AM depending on the weather condition.
Lights up!

Here are some cave rules that you should follow:

1. Stay close to your guide as possible.

2. Never rough play,run, or do anything stupid inside the cave.
3. Listen to the instructions of the guide (don't worry they are good in English, Tagalog, and Ilocano)
4. Never eat and spit chewing gum or moma (nganga) inside the cave.
5. Lastly, don't go in the cave drunk.
With those in mind, you can finally explore Sumaguing Cave
Check out how small those people are compares to the rocks of the cave

Ladies and gentlemen, on your right are ice cold water on your left is death
Slippery when wet
What does your green mind say about this rock formation?

Once inside the cave,  its interior would surely be an eye candy for nature lovers. One with wild imaginations would surely enjoy what the cave has to offer. Even "green-minded" folks would have plenty of inspirations from the rock formations found in the cave (locals dub Sumaguing Cave as Porn Cave... figure our why by looking at the picture below).
My DSLR had a hard time taking photos due to low light but thanks to the guide's support I managed to shoot several great shots

The black dots there are bats
That's at least several stories high

Going back out

What I like about the cave, aside from its beauty, is the fact that it is challenging to conquer. Visitors would have to descend a 50 foot ravine in order  to go deeper in the cave. This becomes more challenging during the rainy season when rocks becomes slippery. There is also a part in the cave where you have to wade in a chest deep river system in order for you to reach Lumiang Cave on the other side of the mountain (this is what they call the cave connection activity).
I wonder if Dora would explore this cave...
Going up and out the cave
Here's a group photo to remember the great adventure with our new found friends.

You have an option not to avail of the 4-hour cave connection activity though. If you won't avail it, you would have to go back and scale the same ravine that you descended on during your trip in the cave. Don't worry though, a ladder made from motorcycle tires are placed to make your exit much easier.

Oh and by the way, this cave is also called Porn Cave... Go figure...

Overall, Sumaguing Cave makes your Sagada trip worth it. 

Rates (from Travel galore):

3D/2N Rate2D/1N Rate3D/2N Rate
  • Round trip Van Transfer from Manila - Sagada - Manila
  • Accommodation - 3D/2N accommodation with at Sagada Valley View Inn / Canaway Resthouse Inn / Mayor's Guesthouse / Rocky Valley Inn / Treasure Rock Inn or other similar accommodation
  • Complete Sagada Tour
  • Manila - Banaue - Sagada - Benguet - Baguio - Manila
  • Driver Guide, Gas and Toll fees
  • Permits, Environmental & Entrance fees
  • Activity Fees: Echo - Valley Tour + Kiltepan Sunrise
  • Local Tour Guide & Coordinator

Getting there:

From Cubao, ride a bus going to Baguio City (costs around P450+). From there head to Dangwa  and ride a bus going to Sagada (costs around P220).  Travel time is around 7 hours. Once in Sagada, head to the municipal tourist information center and book for a guide (it is required). From there, you can choose to ride a trike or walk for an hour going to the cave.



Overall rating


  1. Interesting rock formations and even though it was touristy, I kind of liked it. Its not as bad as a crowded touristy place

    My suggestions next time for such places, is to carry an external light source and a tripod. You willbe surprised at the kind of light you see inside if you practice long exposure shots.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the tip. =) Would try that out next time. =)

  2. did you do the full connection activity part too and come out of the other cave , reminded me of the movie descent . I was wondering how deep is the water in the shot that you had taken where people were walking at the edge . Thanks for sharing

    1. Sadly, I was not able to try it out. =) Hahaha yes, that is also what came in my mind when I was inside the cave but thank God there were a lot of people in the cave.

  3. My wife and I really wanted to go somewhere and we're considering Sagada as one of them. Its great how you tell your story. Also seeing the nature of the cave is interesting

    1. Thank you so much Dex. You should visit this place when you and your wife goes to Sagada.

  4. Wow seems so interesting, you guys had a great day together. Isn't it?

  5. Waaa I missed this! I've heard they closed for a while due to an accident last year? Not sure though but good to know it was open to the public again. I didn't know about that 'p*r* cave'! Ooops!

    1. It's sad to hear that you were not able to go inside the cave. Best time to visit this place is during the summer as the rains make the stones slippery and dangerous. Well at least you now know its other name. =P


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