Batangas: Abby's Garden Resort

Located in Barangay Butong, Taal in the Province of Batangas, Abby's Garden Resort is one of the top outdoor wedding venues in Taal. 

Established on March 6, 2009,  Abby's Garden Resort was built in the conscious effort of providing possible guests with a quality venue for their once in a lifetime celebration. Speaking of venue, this Mediterranean inspired resort has a wide well manicured lawn which serves as a great venue for debuts and weddings.  It can also be used for team building activities and camping type of stay for huge group activities. Other amenities include the family and children's pool which is a few meters away from the garden and a rental billiard table inside the hotel. 
Welcome to Sitio Aroma home of Abby's Garden Resort
Continue left for more parking
The Mediterranean style hotel
The pool as seen from the 2nd floor veranda

Rates for these amenities are as follows:

Pool fee: P150/pax adults; P75/pax children
Billiard table: P75 per hour
Billiards anyone? 
The function hall can be arranged depending on your needs
If you're not the outdoorsy kind of person, Abby's Garden Resort has a 3-storey hotel built for comfort and relaxation. It has a function hall and gazebo that can accommodate 150-200 people, perfect for large gatherings, seminars, or meetings. A hotel will not be complete without rooms. The resort has a total of 8 rooms as of 2018. It's composed of 3 family suites and 5 deluxe rooms. Each of these rooms comes fully equipped with air conditioning systems, televisions, and refrigerators. Each also has its own private toilet and bathroom. 


Family Suites
Can accommodate 5 - 12 persons**
1 King size bed and 1 Queen size bed

Family Suites
Can accommodate 5 - 11 persons**
2 Queen size beds

Welcome to the second floor

Inside the 2nd Floor Deluxe Room

2nd Floor Deluxe Rooms
Can accommodate 2 - 6 persons**
1 Queen size bed

3rd Floor Deluxe Rooms
Can accommodate 2 - 5 persons**
1 Queen size bed

* Breakfast is not included but economic breakfast will be provided upon request
** P250 per additional single mattress and P300 per additional Queen size mattress

I got to visit and stay in Abby's Garden Resort twice already. The first time was a few months after it was opened and the second was during its 9th year anniversary. For my first visit and stay, I was one of the teachers invited by the parent of my then student to see the fiesta of Lemery. We were treated an overnight stay in the resort by the said parent.  It was a memorable time for me, my co-teachers, and the resort manager as my humor-filled and immature youth got me into a stupid accident which involves a very bloody toe and a bruised ego. 
The gazebo
The plants here adds up to the beauty of the venue
Mrs. Brown and Sir James welcoming the bloggers to the resort

Apparently, that event was the ticket to my second visit to Abby's Garden Resort as the resort manager, who became a close friend of mine, personally invited me to attend the resort's 9th year anniversary held last March 24-25, 2018. I was invited there, together with some handpicked group of bloggers, to enjoy a salu-salu for the bloggers and vloggers which was the main theme of this year's celebration. I was lucky enough that the manager allowed me to bring along my wife and daughter as he really wanted to drive home the point that Abby's Garden Resort is a family-oriented resort. True enough, despite being non bloggers, they were treated by the staff as VIP like the other guest bloggers. 
Cherry's Victorian Garden
Given the chance, I'd marry her here again.
There were a number of things that changed since the first time I visited, the resort became bigger with the recent opening of the Cherry's Victorian Garden and the improvement of the roads around the resort, but with gains came loses... I learned that the patriarch of the family that owns the resort had already passed away. I remember him quite well as he personally welcomed me and my co-teachers back then. He would also stroll around the manicured lawn with his daughter (the resort was named after her) early in the morning and would chat with the guests with enthusiasm. Well, like what the manager told me "It was hard when we lost the wise man but his memories and wisdom will serve as an inspiration for us that was left behind."
Don't worry this side of the pool is not that deep
Someone enjoyed her pool time

Overall, I highly suggest Abby's Garden Resort for your weddings and other occasions. For those on road trips, I recommend this resort too. Its close proximity to the heritage town of Taal makes it a perfect jump off point especially when all nearby inns are occupied during the El Pasubat Festival during the last week of April. 

For further inquiries you may want to contact them at:

Getting there:

From Buendia in Pasay City, board a bus to Lemery Batangas. From there tell the conductor to drop you off at the Taal-Lemery Junction or Jollibee Lemery. From there, you can rent a tricycle that will bring you to Abby's Garden Resort.

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