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Mt. Cayabu Mountaineering Adventure

Located at Barangay Cayabu, Tanay in the province of Rizal, Mt. Cayabu is one of the minor climbs of the province and is mostly partnered with the higher Mt. Maynuba.

Mt. Cayabu stands 520 meters above sea level. According to our guide Ate Josephine, the mountain and the barangay got its name from "Ka Ambo" who was a well-known elder and founder of the barangay.

For those who are veterans in hiking or walking long distances, Mt. Cayabu is a fairly easy hike with a straight forward trail. From the registration area near Cayabu National High School, it will only take about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours hike to reach its peak. 

My cousins and I got to hike this mountain last July as part of the "Cayabu-Maynuba Loop". In some point, we kind of underestimated this minor hike due to the reviews that we read. Yes, it was a very easy hike but we did not take into consideration that it rained hard days prior to our ascent. We got bogged down by the now muddy trail and was pestered by …

Mt. Buntis Mountaineering Adventure

Our adventurous feet takes us to the historical town of Maragondon in the province of Cavite. Today, we'll be hiking a historical yet controversial mountain - Mt. Buntis.

Mt. Buntis stands 280 meters above sea level (MASL). The name "buntis" is a Filipino word which means pregnant. To find out why it was named as such, I asked our guide who sadly seems to know nothing about it. Then I recalled that a few years back, I hiked another mountain near Mt. Buntis call Mt. Nagpatong. The name "nagpatong" , by the way, means to lie on top off somebody...  I would love to share my own interpretation of how these mountains got their names but the story tends to be perverted in some way so I'd skip that part.

Going back, despite its "shortage in elevation", Mt. Buntis remains one of the well-known mountains in the Philippines. This is brought by the fact that it is always associated with Andres Bonifacio who is a very prominent figure in the Philippine Revoluti…

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