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Sorsogon: Barcelona Ruins Park

Located on the coastal area of the town Barcelona in the province of Sorsogon, Barcelona Ruins Parkrefers to the park where century-old ruins of Spanish colonial-era buildings are found.

Speaking of the ruins of Spanish Colonial-era buildings, there are two such ruins in the park. The school building ruins at the southeastern tip of the park and the prominent Presidencia building ruins in the northwestern tip of the park. 

The Presidencia building was once the office of the governadorcillo during the colonial period. If you're wondering why the building seems massive in size, well it's because it doubled as a fortress that guards the town against the pirates and Moro raider that once frequently attacks Spanish controlled settlements. 

The pirates sure were no match for the fortress and the town remained under the control of the Spanish until their departure in 1898. What the pirates and raiders failed to do, Mother Nature and Father Time accomplished. The once-formidable Presiden…

Sorsogon: Bulusan Lake

Located in the heart of Bulusan Volcano National Park in the town of Bulusan, Sorsogon, Bulusan Lake is an elevated lake that currently serves as one of the province's top eco-tourism destinations. 

With an elevation of 360 meters or 1180 feet, Lake Bulusan is believed by some to be one of the former craters of the still active Mt. Bulusan (Bulusan Volcano)

Presently, the lake and the forest surrounding it is transformed into an eco-tourism destination. The entrance to the lake is found in its southeastern side and a road was paved to connect the lake to Maharlika Highway hence the possibility to bring your car along. However, keep in mind that parking here is limited so better come early to get that coveted parking space nearest the lake. Just a heads up, there's a parking fee and an entrance fee. You can check out the prices at the picture below. 

From the entrance, visitors could already see the picturesque Lake Bulusan. Visitors will surely be in awe with the lake's eme…

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